Free Download: Ciara – Overdose (Tuff Turf Remix)

Tuff Turf latest offering is a Deep, Housey remix of Ciara latest hit “Overdose”. The Tuff Turf duo consists of two veteran San Diego Club DJs. Angle & Este. Each has firmly established themselves in the San Diego nightlife scene.

Mostly playing open format gigs , the duo decided to get back to some of their “Djing Roots” and open opportunities to play some of their favorite styles of music. Their remixes and originals all have a similar sound and vibe. A Deep, Vocally, Nu-Disco, House feel. This “hybrid” has quickly gained support from artists such as Cajoline, Le Youth, & Steed Lord just to name a few.

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Skrillex Discusses “Recess” & Learning From Kanye West.

Reading Festival - Day 1

Skrillex is taking his inspiration from Kanye West these days.

The electronic music DJ and producer spent a little time with West, sharing a plane flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas where each was to perform two years ago, and came away with an invitation to collaborate and an even deeper understanding of the possibilities in front of him.

“It was cool to see Kanye surrounded by all these creative people constantly on computers, approving stuff, coming up with ideas – the constant machine that Kanye was in the middle of,” said Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny Moore. “And it reminded me a lot of my crew. We have so much going on 24-7 and we’re always on our computers, we’re all approving stuff and going back and forth with ideas. And to see him do it on a massive level is really cool. He’s just so involved with every aspect of his career.”

The 26-year-old Grammy Award winner has decided to emulate that model, and has begun building a creative center in downtown Los Angeles he calls The Nest. Eventually the goal is to have a space for friends – musicians and producers and members of his record label, OWSLA, but also other creatives in the visual and fashion world – to use as a hub, much in the way West keeps scores of satellites in orbit around him. Skrillex’s first official album, “Recess” is one of the most complex examples of this way of thinking. It was recorded as he toured the world and unfettered by corporate rules. His record label, Atlantic Records, had almost no input before it received the album, and is working mainly as a distributor and promoter.

“All the creative comes from us sitting together and vibing out,” Moore said in a phone interview of his collaborators and business partners. “I’m making music and they’re working on other artist stuff and we just kind of have this synergy going on that really bypasses the steps of having to deal with a label and having to clear something through them, and hopefully they’ll get out there and sell the record. It doesn’t have that (old label system) vibe. It’s a whole different way of being. It’s pure, you know?”

Instead of taking a seven-figure advance, Moore recorded “Recess” in much the way he’s produced previous records – on the fly all over the world. As he played shows for a growing number of fans, he’d selectively invite new collaborators to join him as he made stops in New York, Los Angeles, Canada and the United Kingdom. While in South Korea, he hooked up with G-Dragon and the YG Entertainment crew at the suggestion of Diplo and the result was “Dirty Vibe.” He caught up with old friend Chance the Rapper at a show in Seattle and they banged out “Coast is Clear” overnight with a full band.

“Recess” is the first formal release Moore has put out under the Skrillex moniker since 2011′s “Bangarang” EP. He spent much of 2013 occupied with touring as Skrillex and with his band, Dog Blood. He scored Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers” and worked on music obsessively. “Recess,” it turns out, is just the initial salvo in 2014.

“This album is kind of like the first wave of a lot more stuff to come, just (songs) flying out left and right kind of thing,” he said. “That’s kind of what to expect: spontaneous releases. … There’s so many other collaborations that I can’t really say yet but that have been left over from the record, that I’m going to release soon that are so dope. I’m excited for the new stuff to come out that no one’s heard yet.

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Beyond Wonderland 2013 Recap by Nightclub Ninja

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Well, that was a bust. Beyond Wonderland proved to me one of two things: A) I’m hella lazy and B) I’m hella out of shape. And so was everyone else—and I’m not just talking about the girls who really, really, REALLY should understand walking around in your panties is a privilege for a select few, not a right for everyone.

I’ll back it up a bit. In case you’re out of the loop, Insomniac Event’s Beyond Wonderland was held on Saturday, March 16, making the move from its previous home at the NOS Center all us ravers have become so familiar with. But change is good, right? Eh, not so much in this case. While the new location at the San Manuel Amphitheater and Grounds was waaaay more picturesque tucked away in the hills (making cell phone service at a festival even worse than ever), it was those darn hills that posed the biggest challenge for sober and sauced partiers alike.

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Photo Credit: Insomniac

If you’re like me, you enjoy bouncing around from stage to stage to soak in as many sets as possible. But I didn’t know “hiking stick” was an accessory I should have added to my arsenal because the sheer magnitude and terrain of schlepping back and forth, up and down a steep hill would suck up so much of my music-listening time. After about the fourth or fifth time nearly tumbling like Jack and Jill on the crowded hill, I gave up and parked my tired ass in the VIP area the main stage for the rest of the night.

But what about the music? Thankfully that’s where things got better, and least for a bit. One of the earlier sets of the day (and atop ye old big-ass hill) was that of Blake Jarrell, doing his damnedest to rock out on the Madhatter’s Castle stage and successfully drew ’em in. Though my friends and I did dub this particular stage the “Backyard BBQ stage” because of the ghetto-ass pop-up awnings that were put over the booth for shade. C’mon, Insomniac, you’ve built the largest temporary tent structure in the U.S. before! Spring for something with more pizzazz.

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Standouts of the day included deep/tech house spinner Trent Cantrelle—who’s already got dope productions and had the main Queen’s Domain stage rocking out without copping out. Bassjackers up next apparently didn’t get the memo and I could have dipped my over-priced nachos in all that cheese he was banging out. Thankfully Umek saved the day and educated the crowd with legit techno whether the crowd knew they just got an important lesson or not.

After missing all of Markus Schulz because a predetermined meetup was—you guessed it—back up that fucking hill, thus missing his entire set because walking back and forth took so long, the torture began with the same obnoxious outdated Dirty Dutch crap Chuckie was playing earlier in the day at Ultra. Dude. Your set was broadcasted on Sirius XM at the exact time people were making the trek from L.A. to San Bernardino and stuck in freeway traffic. Quit being as lazy as I am with my walking and mix it up a bit. Lord knows you make enough money to put in some effort. Oh and by the way, whatever song you shouted out as “your new track” sounds like all the other shit that’s out.

Beyond Wonderland 7 - credit Insomniac - Life After Dusk

Photo Credit: Insomniac

The nightmare continued with David Guetta. Always willing to give DJs I can’t stand one more chance, I figure the vibe at Beyond Wonderland would tip him off that this is a festival and you can take some risks. Nope. Same Guetta, different day. Boring. And closing out the night, Steve Angello, who claims he wants to dig deeper, could have done that. But I didn’t stick around to find out because when debating to stay till the end to find out what direction he was gonna go, leaving early to try to beat parking lot traffic and get back to L.A. before the sun was up took precedence. I still think I would have gotten a lot more set absorption in (and BETTER sets from lesser-known DJs) if it was still at NOS and you could move freely throughout the festival. That or I’m just a jaded old skool raver whining about the good ol’ days. But if it’s at the same venue next year, I’m getting a fucking Hoveround and giving it another go.


-The Nightclub Ninja

*These are personal views of Nightclub Ninja, not those of

DJ Bento on Club Killers Radio.

The cobra commander DJ Bento returns with another great mix from Hong Kong.

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BT rants on Porter Robinson saying he is “Talented but selfish”

Porter x BT

BT treated his Twitter audience to a rare, lengthy diatribe on another artist, Porter Robinson. After preparing his readers for a “long story,” BT began to explain how he first found out about Robinson via MySpace three years ago. He says he struck up a friendship with the young producer (after talking with his parents – Robinson was but a high schooler then), and the two even worked on some tracks together.

As Robinson’s star began to rise through big room gigs, festival dates, and an official Lady Gaga remix, BT found him harder to contact – shrouded often by a team of agents, managers, and other “advisors.” While BT was understanding of this development, he describes Robinson himself as being “too cool to interact,” placing the blame squarely on the artist, not just his entourage. The tipping point came when Robinson told BT he could no longer finish the tracks they had begun working on together.

BT admits to having his feelings hurt by Robinson after being rebuffed by an artist who he felt personally responsible for bringing to a broader audience. But rather than make this a personal attack on Robinson (he calls the young DJ a “real talent”), BT goes on to use his experiences with him as an example of how the younger generation of DJs are similarly “self focused & selfish.” When he was an up-and-comer, BT says DJs like Sasha helped him, and he “vowed to pay it forward” when he could.

BT ended his “rant” with some advice: “So I hope you (and other young producers reading this) take this as a cautionary tale. Remember to act with respect and pay it forward.”

Tiesto, who BT shared Robinson’s tracks with and became an early supporter, weighed in as well, citing the lack of loyalty in younger producers (though Tiësto’s original tweet has since been deleted).

BT has around 622,000 Twitter followers; Robinson has about 216,000. Thus far, Robinson has not responded.

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Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing w/ Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith

Will Smith joins another hilarious skit with Jimmy Fallon who is doing an amazing job at his new Tonight Show gig! From the robot, to the carlton, even Jimmy’s rendition of twerking, this vid is worth the quick watch just for a couple laughs.

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