Free Download: Ciara – Overdose (Tuff Turf Remix)

Tuff Turf latest offering is a Deep, Housey remix of Ciara latest hit “Overdose”. The Tuff Turf duo consists of two veteran San Diego Club DJs. Angle & Este. Each has firmly established themselves in the San Diego nightlife scene.

Mostly playing open format gigs , the duo decided to get back to some of their “Djing Roots” and open opportunities to play some of their favorite styles of music. Their remixes and originals all have a similar sound and vibe. A Deep, Vocally, Nu-Disco, House feel. This “hybrid” has quickly gained support from artists such as Cajoline, Le Youth, & Steed Lord just to name a few.

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Deadmau5 Shows Act of Generosity, Plays an Unexpected Free Show at XS Las Vegas.


Over the summer the incredible Las Vegas nightclub, Hakkasan, opened. With it came some of the biggest DJ residencies in the game. Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Nervo, Aoki and more were playing every week to tremendous crowds. But something was off once the summer season ended. Deadmau5, who didn’t have a “residency” according to Hakkasan, but still performed often since the opening, was becoming more and more rare to see at the club and was barely on the club’s event calendar online. Now he’s nowhere to be seen.

Vegas residencies are an interesting thing. The top-earning clubs have their big name DJs jump between their day clubs and night clubs in the summertime. Deadmau5 played many Wet Republic shows as well as Hakkasan ones, but the politics behind the deals are intricate. If the Mau5 wanted to completely sever ties with Hakkasan, he did so this past Friday night when he played a surprise, completely on a whim set at XS in Las Vegas.

According to reports, the DJ was in town playing a private show somewhere else and went to the Wynn (where the club XS is located) to meet up with Jesse Waits, a managing partner at XS and longtime friend of Zimmerman (Deadmau5). While the two had dinner, Deadmau5 joked that he should be booked to play at XS that night. Waits could do it, but it would be free. And my God did Deadmau5 DO IT! Sans head though.

From 11pm to 1am, the DJ played an “opening set” for that night’s scheduled act, Wolfgang Gartner.
Thanks to social media, word spread fast of the spontaneous performance and XS reached capacity very quickly. No news yet on any new deals or future performances from the Mau5 at XS.

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Rusko signs with Skrillex; wants you to know he loves drugs.


Over his career so far, UK bass fiend Rusko has embraced the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy. Following his Songs album in 2012 and the collaborative EP with Cypress Hill, the producer is now prepping a new suite of songs for release on 2 July. The Lift Me Up EP is coming on Skrillex’s OWSLA label, and the first offering is Takeoff, an all-out drum & bass effort complete with Jay-Z snippets.

“I grew up listening to drum-and-bass and jungle music,” Rusko told Rolling Stone. “I felt it was time to reflect this by making some of my very own. This really is the definition of music from the heart.” Other OWSLA stars include Alvin Risk, KOAN Sound, Kill The Noise and Seven Lions.

Meanwhile, Rusko’s Facebook page continues to mostly document his love of marijuana. The last few days in particular have offered a succession of weed-related posts, with fans either cheering him on or chastising his undying love. One of the most common comments this past week: “Deadmau5 dislikes this”. As many ITMers will recall, the ‘mau5 once objected to Rusko smoking a spliff backstage at a festival in 2010. Some grammatically-suspect Twitter rants were exchanged, and the two stars haven’t been that friendly since.

“People have tried to reconcile us,” Rusko told DJ Mag in 2012. “I’m like, ‘Don’t bring that c**t near me.’ It’s still very much on. We haven’t really been in the same room since it happened, until we are put in the same room by accident or whatever, who knows? He might be chilled out; it’s still on for me. Once I hate someone, I hate ‘em forever.”

Rusko also went in-depth with DJ Mag on the epic drug binge that accompanied the making of Songs. “I made Opium entirely on Promethazine codeine syrup, which basically looks like opium in a bottle,” he cheerily detailed to the interviewer. “I managed to score a bottle of the real lean 100-percent codeine syrup. The album was very inspired by the drugs I was taking while I was making it.

“One day I took Rohypnol, the date-rape drug. I date-raped myself, and made a track, Dirty Sexy Money. I’m at this stage now, I’m drinking a bottle of vodka a night, enjoying drugs for what they are, and not being shy about it. This album wouldn’t sound as good as it does if I wasn’t taking a fuck-load of drugs.”

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Afrojack plays Deadmau5 at his own game & wins.


After listening to Afrojack speak at EDMbiz 2013 one thing became very clear to me. Do not mess with Afrojack. Nick van de Wall, had no problem cleverly and hilariously shutting down bad questions and comments, to the amusement of the attendees. Obviously Deadmau5 wasn’t there, but it looks like he’ll learn this the hard way.

Deadmau5 and Afrojack got into it on Twitter earlier over differing opinions on production and tastes. Deadmau5 was quick to slam van de Wall’s recent work and opinions on popular EDM. Afrojack‘s response was basically along the lines of “everyone gets their own taste, if they like it so what?” Deadmau5 didn’t take kindly to this and criticized the Dutchman who had literally just finished praising the controversial Canadian’s musical prowess as one of the best. Strange way to say thank you.

It doesn’t look like Deadmau5 will be getting the last laugh in this situation though. Afrojack just posted a track called something_ to his Soundcloud, clearly poking fun at Deadmau5‘s signature sound. Something_ is all sorts of progressive badness, out of key and poorly timed. It builds into an awful, ear-shattering big room turd before dropping into a completely different Dutch breakdown out of nowhere, which is equally as awful.

Most of Afrojack‘s fans didn’t quite understand the message and seemed to be upset, but I like to think we get it. The title, the plucked progressive pretentiousness, random drop, and genre ‘unclassified as of now’, all point to Afrojack putting out probably one of the best troll pieces in EDM to date. Seriously, other artists need to take notes, instead of taking to Twitter, take it to the studio if you have beef. Laughs are guaranteed, check out the piece bellow. Well played Afrojack, well played.

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CK EDIT: Still don’t forgive you for that whole Paris Hilton thing though*

Vinyl Dave on Club Killers Radio

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, “The Rage King” brings you a hard hitting debut mix on CK Radio. Filled with massive anthems from Borgore to Blasterjaxx, switching up genres from electro, trap, twerk, & hip hop. This should most definitely be on your next workout playlist. Nothing but energy! Push play & take a listen.

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20th Century Fox Picks Up David Katzenberg To Direct Diplo’s EDM Movie.


The still-unnamed movie, heralding the EDM craze featuring Diplo has a new director. The 20th Century Fox-backed project has picked up David Katzenberg. While little details have been released, we do know that Noah Rothman will be executive producer along with Diplo & Kevin Kusatsu. The script is currently being re-written and loosely described as “8 Mile” meets “Project X.” If the story of three kids trying to get to Diplo’s music festival can be as compelling as Go (a personal favorite), then we may have a winner on our hands. However, considering how bad Party Monster was, there’s definitely room for failure in this space.

The director has done some interesting work for MTV and his production company KatzSmith Productions, is developing “Beetlejuice 2″ (with Tim Burton of course) and a few other properties that could be very lucrative if executed properly. Just like this picture. Diplo evokes brand love among his following and he could do well with millions of people putting a face to his beats & twerky goodness.

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