Goodbye Serato Scratch Live. Serato DJ With DVS is Here.


Just announced on Sept 4th, the merging of Serato’s DJ softwares has begun – bringing DVS support to Serato DJ with the launch of a new version of the program, 1.5. The announcement comes in tandem with three new pieces of gear: the Rane Sixty-Four mixer, a Pioneer DJM-900 SRT Serato DJ Edition, and the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 controller.

As many industry experts predicted, developing three different programs (Scratch Live, DJ, DJ Intro) would serve only to frustrate and bog down Serato’s development cycle – and that a unification between them would be inevitable. Today we get to see the complete plan:

October 2013: 1.5 Release – Vinyl and CDJ control added to Serato DJ for the new mixers
December 2013: 1.6 Beta – Beta DVS support for Sixty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Sixty-One, SL2, SL3, SL4
February 2014: 1.6 Release – Full DVS support for above mixers + soundcards
Serato is bringing their trademarked NoiseMap DVS technology from Scratch Live into Serato DJ, meaning that you’re not going to need new timecode CDs/vinyl, and that it will continue to be the same reliable engine that DVS users have grown highly accustomed to performing under pressure.

End Of The Line: Of note, the Rane SL1 and Rane 57SL will not be receiving DVS support – apparently the technology in the soundcards in each is too limiting to be supported in Serato DJ.

Watch Serato’s CEO Sam Gribben detail more information about the future of Serato Scratch Live, Serato DJ, and more in the video below:

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Decoded with Konflikt – “How To Get Booked” (Episode 1)

Decoded with Konflikt – "How to get Booked" (Episode 1)

Hey DJs, are you tired of staying home on the weekends? Here's a few tips that my help you get more bookings.

Posted by Club Killers on Monday, November 16, 2015

Are you DJs tired of staying home on the weekends? In our first Decoded Webisode traveling club DJ “Konflikt” shares tips on how club/bar DJs get booked, how to put together an EPK, how to network with other DJs & more.

DJ Konflikt has been a full time working DJ in Miami for over a decade, he has played and held residencies at every ground breaking nightclub that you’ve heard about. Playing for and with a who’s who of celebrity artists including: Rihanna, Usher, Drake, Busta Rhymes, Miguel, John Legend, Katy Perry, Flo-Rida, Pitbull and more.

Notable past and current clubs residencies and headlining spots: Mansion, Mokai, Liv, E11even in Miami. Hyde Bellagio, Bank, Xs, Tryst, Tao Beach Club in Las Vegas. Every week he is on Y-100 (WHYI) in Miami, a mix show called “Club 100″ & is former Redbull 3Style regional champion & travels over 100,000 miles per year.

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Check out this Numark NS7iii Serato routine

The Numark NS7III will be the company’s flagship 4 Deck digital controller. The objective behind the NS7 has always been to offer the best of both worlds – the power of digital – Serato – with the high-end features of a professional DJ turntable. This allows a DJ to still tap into the old-skool of Djing without losing out on the amazing features that digital DJing offers.

It further raises the bar with real time visual feedback of Serato DJ via three, 4.3” full-color screens, two of which provide moving waveforms, playhead, deck, and FX status. A third screen provides a dedicated view of your track or can be switched to display stackable parallel waveforms for complete beat matching control, plus you can manage all critical performance elements with the source laptop out of sight or closed altogether.

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DJ Problems with J. Valentino

DJ Problems….

You got that new Fetty Wap? #clubkillers #jvalentino #djproblems

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You know a lot of us DJs can relate to this quick comedy bit by my longtime friend J. Valentino! Been spinning with this dude since we were 16 years old. He’s always been hilarious. Track playing in the vid is “Tonite Only – We Run The Night (Club Killers Remix). Make sure you follow J. Valentino on instagram, tons of quick comedy bits

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Facebook Introduces Music Stories


Once again, Facebook is trying to become the ultimate social media platform by revolutionizing music sharing. Music Stories, the new feature which will take effect this week, allows users to post snippets of their favorite songs on the social media site from Spotify or Apple Music. The user would simply copy the song’s URL path from either of the two streaming services and paste it on Facebook like they would a written blurb or link.

Friends and other users would be able to see the selection and listen to upwards of 30 seconds before possibly clicking on the song. This will take them back to the original streaming service to buy, like, add to playlist, etc. Music Stories give users the ability to preview their friends’ or favorite artists’ current tastes while discovering new music. They’ll also be able to comment on the user’s choice just like any post made on the social media platform. Facebook also plans to include more streaming services in the future.

We’re introducing “Music Stories” today to enable better music discovery and sharing on Facebook. The new post format…

Posted by Music on Facebook on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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Mixcloud partners with Apple TV and announced its own app


With the streaming race more intense than ever and SoundCloud’s constant track takedowns, Mixcloud looks to take its growing library of DJ mixes, radio shows, podcasts, and more to a mass audience with its own Apple TV partnership.

Fans will be able to browse through Mixcloud’s entire library and play any of the site’s uploaded content. Apple TV currently offers a variety of video streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, HBOGO, and the company’s own media stores. With Spotify and SoundCloud absent, MixCloud finds themselves as the premier source for long-form music consumption on Apple TV and could gain serious market share in the home environment with this move. This partnership comes after MixCloud joined the Sonos app library, which hosts most of the music streaming power players like Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer, and SiriusXM.

The MixCloud app is now live on Apple TV. Follow us on Mixcloud:

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