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Jewel Nightclub @ Aria in Las Vegas opens up with Drake, Jamie Foxx, Chainsmokers & more.


Last Thursday, May 19, Las Vegas’ newest superclub, JEWEL, officially opened its doors. Located inside the luxurious ARIA hotel on the strip, the sophisticated venue is the latest property of the esteemed Hakkasan Group, the brains behind forward-thinking nightclubs Hakkasan and OMNIA.

The opening weekend featured an array of top talent behind the DJ booth, along with a seemingly endless supply of surprise guest appearances. On Thursday night, for instance, Hakkasan resident DJ Irie kicked things off with actor and musician Jamie Foxx MC’ing the night. Foxx soon spotted friend and fellow JEWEL resident Lil Jon in the crowd, inviting him up to the decks for what quickly turned into a raucous surprise set.


Friday night was all about Drake, the Grammy-winning talent fresh off his latest album Views. Onstage alongside DJ Future, Drake performed hits like “Jumpman,” “Running Through The Six” and his latest, “One Dance.” Perhaps even more impressive, Drake was an unannounced special guest of the weekend, only further proving the power of JEWEL’s booking and their surprise acts.

Saturday saw burgeoning electronic duo The Chainsmokers take over the main room, bringing their crossover dance hits to the packed venue. Lastly, Lil Jon finished off the grand opening on Monday for his debut set, performing his iconic singles like “Turn Down For What” and “Outta Your Mind.’


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Mr. Shaw on Club Killers Radio

The 2015 Club Killers Radio contest winner is back with another super fresh mix for your ears.

Dillon Francis Debuts Online Reality Show Parody, ‘DJ World’

6 DJ’s picked to live in a house and have their lives taped.

Dillon Francis has just uploaded the first installment of his reality show parody, ‘DJ World’.

The YouTube series, a comical rip off MTV’s The Real World, places six aspiring DJs in a house.

In classic Dillon fashion, he’s playing a number of different personas including the overzealous show host, a socially awkward bedroom producer, the classic gold-chain adorned douchebag and himself.

The cast also includes OWSLA’s Getter as a spaced out, pink-haired partier, Vine star Nick Coletti as a Beats wearing EDM head and more.

The series, directed by Brandon Dermer, will air episodes on Dillon’s Youtube page every Monday and Thursday for seven episodes.

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Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Dance Off”

Idris Elba stars as the overlord of the dance in the hilarious, over-the-top new video for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Dance Off.”

The British actor provides the song’s melodramatic vocal tag, and appears at the beginning and end of the video, donning a luxurious white fur coat and pounding on a haunted-house organ. In between, Macklemore ambles through a mysterious hotel, while epic dance floor showdowns follow him every step of the way.

While the first dance off takes place, sensibly enough, at a wedding reception, Macklemore later finds himself munching on fries while patrons and staff square off in a diner, and pedaling an exercise bike while beefcakes wild out in the gym. The Seattle MC even shows off his own footwork in an extended sequence alongside hotel bellhops, before a group of mall masseuses bring the clip to its ridiculous close.

“Dance Off” was directed by Lewis and Jason Koenig, and features choreography from Anna Matuszewski. The track appears on Macklemore and Lewis’ latest record, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, which was released in February.

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Guide To Choosing The Right Studio Monitor


Struggling to choose the RIGHT set of studio monitors?
In a time when there are so many great choices when it comes to studio monitors how can you pick what is going to be the right set for you?
The ear is a funny thing. It’s very subjective – what I hear can be very different to what you hear. The difference can be quite drastic too. We need a kind of universal guide when selecting monitors rather than just listening to a set and saying they sound good or bad, (which is how most people do it) because what may sound good to me may not sound so good to you.
The human ear adapts to the sound coming from speakers very rapidly. Have you ever been auditioning two sets of speakers and when you switch from one to another one set sounds out of phase yet after about 10 seconds of listening the phasing disappears? This is typical and it’s not the speakers that are phased, it’s your ear trying to adjust to the slight differences in frequency and time when you switch between them.
A great HiFi speaker designer once told me never switch between two sets of speakers when trying to decide between them; he said listen to one, stop the music, switch to the second and turn the music back on. This way your ear will have enough time to make critical objective decisions on both.
If you can listen to Frequency, Detail and Imaging in isolation trying not to focus on the entire overall sound you will be able to pick out problems a lot easier.

Listen and concentrate on just the frequencies – note the amount of treble, mid and bass frequencies. Is it even? Are you feeling that bass? Do you squint when you focus on the mid register, does the top end sound hard? Note these things down and move to number 2.

Listen to the amount of detail in each frequency band. Focus on each band and determine how much detail you can hear. Can you hear the front of a bass note? Is the bass undefined or can you easily separate the bass instrument from say the kick drum. Move to the mids. This is where you should hear the most details. Can you hear all the instruments clearly? You should be able to hear the space around the instruments (the air). Now move to the highs. Can you clearly differentiate between high hat cymbals and the ride.

Now listen to imaging. Is the stereo image wide or narrow? Can you visualize the instruments or players in the stereo field? If you can clearly pinpoint each player or instrument you are listening to a set of speakers with good imagining. If the speakers sound two dimensional and narrow and the sounds and instruments blur into each other the imagining is not so good.
There are so many good speakers to choose from and I understand that you’re not going to get a chance to hear every speaker side by side, but even if you can’t the method above should give you a good basic guide to work with and should make your decision a little easier.
The last thing I would suggest is choosing a speaker that is the right size for you room. If you’re in a bedroom studio don’t get an 8” speaker. The bottom end is just going to bounce around your room and get amplified. Did you know that when bass frequencies hit a wall it would be amplified by about 6db. Corners can get up to an 18db kick when the 3 walls meet. So as you can see big speakers in a bedroom sized studio can get a bit out of hand.
On the flipside if your space is the size of a garage you may want to get a bigger speaker so that you are not pushing a little set of 5” speakers to their max.

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