Goodbye Serato Scratch Live. Serato DJ With DVS is Here.


Just announced on Sept 4th, the merging of Serato’s DJ softwares has begun – bringing DVS support to Serato DJ with the launch of a new version of the program, 1.5. The announcement comes in tandem with three new pieces of gear: the Rane Sixty-Four mixer, a Pioneer DJM-900 SRT Serato DJ Edition, and the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 controller.

As many industry experts predicted, developing three different programs (Scratch Live, DJ, DJ Intro) would serve only to frustrate and bog down Serato’s development cycle – and that a unification between them would be inevitable. Today we get to see the complete plan:

October 2013: 1.5 Release – Vinyl and CDJ control added to Serato DJ for the new mixers
December 2013: 1.6 Beta – Beta DVS support for Sixty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Sixty-One, SL2, SL3, SL4
February 2014: 1.6 Release – Full DVS support for above mixers + soundcards
Serato is bringing their trademarked NoiseMap DVS technology from Scratch Live into Serato DJ, meaning that you’re not going to need new timecode CDs/vinyl, and that it will continue to be the same reliable engine that DVS users have grown highly accustomed to performing under pressure.

End Of The Line: Of note, the Rane SL1 and Rane 57SL will not be receiving DVS support – apparently the technology in the soundcards in each is too limiting to be supported in Serato DJ.

Watch Serato’s CEO Sam Gribben detail more information about the future of Serato Scratch Live, Serato DJ, and more in the video below:

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Laidback Luke’s six golden rules for producers.


Between running label Mixmash Records, doing the international festival circuit and continually adding to his production resume, Dutch high-flyer Laidback Luke has experience to burn. He’s also a tireless advocate for new artists, with a string of proteges over the years. A few months back, we saw Luke share Tiga’s Six Golden Rules for Producers inthemix feature, so we asked the Mixmash boss to write his own for us. Being one of dance music’s standout good guys, he gladly obliged. Follow these pointers and you could be lighting up mainstages like Laidback Luke himself.

This is the order of how to get into producing…

This is re-arranging your favorite tracks and switching up the order of the song structure. Maybe try to cut a few notes and beats to make it sound crazier. Move into making mash-ups. This is basically putting two tracks together. Take the beats of one track and put the melody of another track over it. Most common mash-ups are putting an acappella over a track. Mash-ups will make you more aware of EQ-ing and compressing as well as blending elements together.

After this you will be ready to try and make bootlegs. Bootlegs are unofficial remixes. This involves adding your own beats and melodies to existing tracks. Please never call a bootleg a remix, unless the original artist or record label will release it. If you try calling a bootleg a remix, you will be seen as a wannabe by the professional world. After you have mastered this, you’ll be able to start making your own tracks.

A well-mixed, loud dance track stands or falls with the kick-drum. To ensure you use the right one, and it sounds heavy enough, just sample one from an existing track. This way, you know it has already been mixed and mastered. Any element you layer on it will kick ass.

I always start my productions with my full masterchain on. Masterchain are the plug-ins you have on your master output to make your track sound fat and at a decent professional-sounding volume. I always advise to have at least a compressor and a limiter on there. My masterchain has at least five compressors in there now! Whatever works for you to get the fattest sound is fine. Just make sure your track doesn’t distort and you still have dynamics in there.

Take a half-hour break every two hours. Like, really push yourself to do so! I can tell you most of my ideas and inspiration came from taking a pee after those two hours, or while nibbling on a sandwich. That break clears your brain out from the strain and freshens up the ears. When you get back in studio mode, you’ll instantly hear what needs to be tweaked or what you need to do to take the track to a higher level.

It’s very important to mirror your tracks with professional tracks. I often have three or more references to compare my tracks with. When you switch back and forth to your track and the professional tracks, you will hear where your track is lacking.

Think about it: these professional tracks sound good everywhere. So if your track sounds similar in the overall EQ and loudness, your track will sound good everywhere as well. After that, it’s good to try and hear your track on any type of system, whether it’s your car, TV or crappy earplugs.

Make an effort to actually finish your tracks. Snippets don’t count. It’s a true producer’s skill to be able to actually finish a track. Although you’ve spent a ton of time on a track, and it feels like your baby, leave it and start working on a new track.

You might get people who aren’t into your track, or say this and that needs improving. Take that feedback and work on a new project. Only then will you keep evolving. It protects your artist ego, as the best is yet to come, always.

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Free Download: I Need Your Love (Angle Mash)

San Diego native & official Club Killers DJ Angle is hooking you up with his high energy dutch inspired mash up banger of Calvin Harris’ current hit “I Need Your Love”! Drop this one time in front of your crowd & I’m 100% sure you will add this to your peak hour set. I first played this gem on my House Of Dreamz Vol 3 mix (CK Radio Episode 38) which was recorded live at Yost Theater back in October and it’s been a staple in my big room set as well as my Friday night mixes on 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles.

Keep coming back every week. I will be posting exclusive Club Killers edits every week right here for all DJs to download.

Keep looking ahead.

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Help Save The Struggling Vegas Cocktail Waitresses.

As a result of changes to IRS laws, Vegas cocktail waitresses are forced to pay more taxes on their tips. Help these ladies so they don’t have to endure the embarrassment of a new Mercedes with stock rims!

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Back to Vinyl – The Office Turntable

The good folk at OgilvyOne Frankfurt in Germany put this amazing marketing material for Kontor Records. We just had to share this because we can totally relate, so many demos come in to the office via mail/email that we don’t always listen to. This is a perfect example why being creative and being unique truly makes a difference.

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Martin Solveig and Laidback Luke introduce supermodel Olli Springer to their team.

Dad? No, that’s just Dillon Francis taking on the role of supermodel Olli Springer. “Being a supermodel is not an issue. You know, I don’t care to be good looking, I just force myself to forget it.”

Aside from loving cheese and reading authors from Baudelaire to Capote to Rembrandt (who is actually an artist), Olli stars in commercial number two demonstrating his passion for “BLOW,” the “Spray of Life.” The clip is eclectic to say the least, but Francis is renowned for his over-the-top antics and no other artist could have fit Olli’s role with such grace and bluntness. The LA DJ/producer is caught wearing red lipstick, a black feathery jacket, tight black pants, and a black wig, while he walks around the set with a zebra. “BLOW” is Olli’s essence; is it yours?

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