Goodbye Serato Scratch Live. Serato DJ With DVS is Here.


Just announced on Sept 4th, the merging of Serato’s DJ softwares has begun – bringing DVS support to Serato DJ with the launch of a new version of the program, 1.5. The announcement comes in tandem with three new pieces of gear: the Rane Sixty-Four mixer, a Pioneer DJM-900 SRT Serato DJ Edition, and the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 controller.

As many industry experts predicted, developing three different programs (Scratch Live, DJ, DJ Intro) would serve only to frustrate and bog down Serato’s development cycle – and that a unification between them would be inevitable. Today we get to see the complete plan:

October 2013: 1.5 Release – Vinyl and CDJ control added to Serato DJ for the new mixers
December 2013: 1.6 Beta – Beta DVS support for Sixty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Sixty-One, SL2, SL3, SL4
February 2014: 1.6 Release – Full DVS support for above mixers + soundcards
Serato is bringing their trademarked NoiseMap DVS technology from Scratch Live into Serato DJ, meaning that you’re not going to need new timecode CDs/vinyl, and that it will continue to be the same reliable engine that DVS users have grown highly accustomed to performing under pressure.

End Of The Line: Of note, the Rane SL1 and Rane 57SL will not be receiving DVS support – apparently the technology in the soundcards in each is too limiting to be supported in Serato DJ.

Watch Serato’s CEO Sam Gribben detail more information about the future of Serato Scratch Live, Serato DJ, and more in the video below:

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DJ Splyce on Club Killers Radio

This week we bring you the sound of one of Hollywood’s veteran party rockers DJ Splyce!!! Nothing but high energy tracks mashed up & ready to help take your next workout to the next level. Huge shout out to our friend Splyce for blessing us with a mix!

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Carnage Takes to Twitter Regarding his Latest Frustrations with Fans.


Last night (Early this morning), the festival trap producer we all know as Carnage, took to Twitter to discuss his latest thoughts and issues relating to the feedback he’s been receiving from fellow fans and others involved in the industry.

Now, Carnage has been known for openly stating his opinions and emotions via social media and in this case, whether you’re a fan or not, should notice that your Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter comments all have a significant influence on the artists and producers that create the music you listen to everyday.


Kudos Carnage for airing out your frustration, you are among many other artists to show your disdain for the negativity.

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15 Questions with DJ VICE.


To kick off our new “15 Questions with” series there was no other option better than going straight to the legend.

01 – How did you come up with the name “Vice”?
I was 12 years old and picked up a dictionary, flipped thru pages and there it was! Vice – a bad habit

02 – If you had to give up your shoe collection or DJing what would it be?
shoe collection…if the Flinstones got all that shit done barefoot so can I!

03 – When & how did you first break in to the Las Vegas club scene?
In 2004 when DJ AM told the promoters at Body English that I had to be the resident DJ on Friday night’s at Body English, while he was the Saturday night resident.

04 – Where do you think music programming in Vegas will be in 2 years?
At this point I really can’t call it. Music is evolving with technology…good or bad its really up to the listeners taste.

05 – Who was your DJ role model or favorite DJ growing up?
There are many that have influenced me. Jazzy Jeff,Jam Master Jay, KDAY OG Mixmasters, DJ AM

06 – Your all time favorite record?
RUN DMC – Peter Piper

07 – Your go to prime time set record right now?
Anything at 128 Bpm :)

08 – What is your favorite city to DJ in?
Las Vegas & Miami (USA) Tokyo & Hong Kong (International)

09 – What is your favorite city to vacation in?
Ibiza, Spain

10 – Most memorable, craziest, wild party you ever spun at?
My senior prom

11 – Most annoying thing to you as a DJ?

12 – What was the turning point for your career?
Getting hired on Power 106fm in Los Angeles at 18 years old

13 – What are your favorite tools for music production?

14 – Who is a young DJ that has caught your eye & we should look out for?
DJ 1mor (

15 – What advice would would you give a younger Vice?
Follow your passion and know your brand!

Check out Vice’s new single “Take That” now available on Beatport (click here)
Stay connected with Vice on Facebook:

We will soon feature questions from Diplo, Dillon Francis, Pauly D, & more.

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Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine donating $70 MILLION.

Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre Unveil Beats By Dr. Dre 2011 Holiday Product Line-Up

In years past, the University of Southern California (USC) has received large gifts from Hollywood moguls to support its academic programs. In 2006, George Lucas donated $175 million toward the university’s film school. In 2012 Robert Zemeckis gave $5 million to help fund a digital arts facility.

Now hip-hopper/entrepreneur Dr. Dre (aka Andre Young) and his longtime associate, music mega-producer Jimmy Iovine, are awarding the school $70 million to start up what’s being described as an Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation.

An unspecified portion of the $70-million donation will go toward construction of facilities that will house the academy. Students, who can earn an undergraduate degree from the academy, will use existing facilities while new ones are being built.

The four-year program will feature four core curriculum areas: arts and entrepreneurship; technology, design and marketability; concept and business platform; and creating a prototype. It aims to foster entrepreneurship that brings students’ entertainment, technology and business skills into play. Instruction will involve engineering, computer science, fine arts, graphic design, business and leadership training.

That training will come from faculty at USC’s Thornton School of Music, Roski School of Fine Arts, Marshall School of Business and Viterbi School of Engineering, as well as “industry icons and innovators as visiting faculty and guest speakers,” according to USC’s statement.

In a news release, USC administrators also envision Silicon Valley venture capitalists and “other real-world experts” lining up “to give students advice and direction” with the new venture.

Forbes magazine puts Dre’s net worth at $350 million, ranking him third — behind Sean “Diddy” Combs and Jay-Z — on its 2013 list of the wealthiest hip-hop stars.

Celebrity NetWorth puts Iovine, a regular guest judge in recent seasons of “American Idol,” at $700 million. Forbes in 2011 estimated Iovine’s net worth at $400 million.

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Club Killers Valentine’s Day Mix by Dennis Blaze

It’s that time of the year!!! Club Killers Hip Hop/R&B director Dennis Blaze drops a very nice Hip Hop/R&B inspired mix for all our podcast listeners.

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