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20 Best-Selling Prince Songs Following His Death


The April 21 death of Prince triggered a swell in digital song sales for the icon. Notably, 20 tracks of his soar onto Billboard’s 25-position R&B Digital Songs chart (dated May 7), marking the most simultaneously charting tracks ever on the chart (which launched in 2010; Rihanna and The Weeknd now share the second-best sum, 12 each).

As previously reported, Prince claims the Nos. 1 and 2 spots on the Billboard 200 albums chart with The Very Best of Prince and the Purple Rain soundtrack, as both titles re-enter. Prince died on the final day of the latest tracking week for Billboard’s sales and streaming charts, meaning that fans rushed to purchase his music (and, to a much lesser degree, stream it, as he was a steadfast opponent of most platforms) in the roughly half-day left in the tracking week, after the news of his death broke around 1 p.m. ET. We will see continued impact from the icon’s passing on the following week’s charts, dated May 14 and reflecting activity in the week ending April 28.

Sales, Title (Rank on R&B Digital Songs chart)
122,000, “Purple Rain”* (1)
100,000, “When Doves Cry” (2)
85,000, “Little Red Corvette” (3)
82,000, “Kiss”* (5)
75,000, “Let’s Go Crazy”* (6)
65,000, “1999″ (7)
52,000, “I Would Die 4 U”* (8)
49,000, “Raspberry Beret”* (9)
37,000, “I Wanna Be Your Lover” (11)
24,000, “Diamonds and Pearls”** (13)
23,000, “U Got the Look” (15)
22,000, “Darling Nikki”* (16)
19,000, “Adore” (17)
18,000, “Erotic City”* (18)
16,000, “7″*** (19)
13,000, “Cream”** (20)
13,000, “Baby I’m a Star”* (21)
13,000, “The Beautiful Ones”* (22)
12,000, “Gett Off”** (23)
12,000, “Do Me Baby” (24)

*Prince and the Revolution
**Prince and the N.P.G.
***Prince and the New Power Generation

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DJ Ikon: On The Road Tour


Want to know what it takes to make it as DJ on the road? This spring Blackout Artist DJ Ikon teams up with Club Killers to bring you his official 2016 “On The Road” tour. A three month extravaganza that will be filmed for the up coming documentary On The Road.

On The Road offers an inside look at the life of a traveling DJ, from the moments under the brightest lights to the darkest hours on the road (and up in the air). Don’t miss your chance to get in on the action when Ikon hits the road August 23rd in Waikiki and wraps up in Vegas this July, hitting 16 North American cities in between.

4/29 Hyde Nightclub – Las Vegas
4/30 Parq Nightclub – San Diego
5/1 Parq Nightclub W/ Chris Brown – San Diego
5/6 Tao Beach – Las Vegas
5/14 Aston Manor – Seattle
5/20 The Foundry W/ Oddisee
5/21 Shrine Nightclub – Foxwoods
5/22 Gem Brunch – Boston
5/24 Omnia Nightclub – Las Vegas
5/27 Haven Nightclub – Atlantic City
6/3 Shay Nightclub – Chicago
6/7 Foxtail W/ Ot Genasis
6/17 Eleven Nightclub – Miami
6/18 Temple Nightclub – San Francisco
6/25 Living Room – Minneapolis
7/2 Fwd Nightclub – Cleveland

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The Notorious B.I.G. Might Be Going On Tour In Hologram Form


ARHT (Augmented Reality Holographic Technology) Media announced on Monday that it has acquired the digital rights to Biggie Smalls’ likeness and will resurrect the famed rapper as a hologram. He (it?) is expected to appear in a new music video before potentially going on tour. “What we’re gonna start with is a video with the first single from [Faith Evan's upcoming duets compilation] The King & I then I think Faith wants to do a little tour,” ARHT Media founder Rene Bharti told Billboard.

What’s more, Holo-Biggie will move and act just like his fleshy predecessor. “We’ll use input from virtually anywhere so we’ll talk to people, we’ll obviously look through existing footage,” ARHT CEO Paul Duffy told Billboard. “We’ll meet with family members and just look to alternately capture the essence of Biggie. Then we’ll have their eyes on all the content and material that’s being built. Of course, nothing would be released until they felt comfortable and signed off on it.”

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8 Popular Songs You Never Knew Prince Wrote


With Prince’s shocking death, the monumental scope of his influence on music is just starting to become clear.

The rock, funk and R&B icon has inspired dozens of today’s award-winning artists and has crafted numerous albums that ended up greatly reshaping our current musical landscape. He is not just Prince; he is a king.

And unlike some royalty, Prince loved to share his wealth, writing numerous songs for his fellow artists and allowing his music to be covered by other performers as well.

Some of Prince’s successful pieces may surprise you, especially since he doesn’t sing a word on the tracks. Read on for 8 songs you probably know, but never knew were written by Prince.

1. “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor

Perhaps The Purple One’s best known outside effort, this 1990 single, complete with bald, teary video, gave Sinead O’Connor a worldwide hit. Prince originally wrote and composed “Nothing Compares 2 U” for his funk band side project, The Family, but the song was never released as a single

2. “Manic Monday” by The Bangles

Prince wrote this weekday lament in 1984 as a duet for the band Apollonia 6, but the song was never put on a record. Two years after crafting the catchy creation, Prince offered the song to The Bangles under the pseudonym “Christopher,” because he liked the song “Heroes Take the Fall” and was reportedly attracted to the group’s rhythm guitarist Susanna Hoffs.

3. “Love Song” by Madonna

Prince helped Madonna cowrite this song for the 1989 album Like a Prayer. Madonna traveled to The Studio at Paisley Park in Minnesota, where Prince was pronounced dead, to come up with the piece. Along with helping to write the track, Prince also sang and played guitar on “Love Song.”

4. “Stand Back” by Stevie Nicks

Prince paired up with Nicks to help her write this top five hit. The Fleetwood Mac singer has often shared the interesting birth story behind this single from her solo career. According to Nicks, she was inspired to create the song after listening to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.” When she went to record “Stand Back”, she called Prince about the song, and he showed up at the studio that night to help finish up the track.

5. “I Feel For You” by Chaka Khan

While Khan was not the first one to this song, she made the most memorable version. Prince originally wrote the song for Patrice Rushen but ended up recording the song himself and putting it on his 1979 self-titled album. “I Feel For You” went on to be covered by The Pointer Sisters and Mary Wells, but it was Khan’s 1984 version that became the hit to withstand the test of time.

6. “The Glamorous Life” by Sheila E.

Like “Manic Monday,” Prince first wrote this song for Apollonia 6. The creation was eventually given to the singer and percussionist Sheila E., who transformed the song into a top dance hit.

7. “Jungle Love” by Morris Day & The Time

The rival band in Purple Rain is actually playing plenty of Prince songs. “The Kid” wrote many songs for the Minneapolis-based band, who were also close friends and collaborators with the artist in real life. Prince helped pen “Jungle Love,” one of the group’s most popular songs, in 1983 and also played multiple instruments on the track.

8. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?” by Alicia Keys

Prince wrote and recorded this ballad in 1982 as a b-side to his single “1999,” but the track didn’t become a commercial success until Keys covered the song in 2002, retitling it “How Come You Don’t Call Me.” Keys’ version went on to appear on several charts across the world.

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Prince Dies At 57: Report


Prince died earlier today (April 21) at age 57 at his Paisley Park home and studio, according to TMZ.

TMZ reported earlier that police had been investigating a fatality there.

Gone But Not Forgotten: In Memoriam 2016

Prince was hospitalized last week after his plane for was forced to make an emergency landing in Moline, Ill. Released a few hours later, a rep told TMZ that he had been battling a bad case of the flu.

One of the most iconic musicians in music history, Prince’s extensive career grew out of the music scene of his native Minneapolis, where he lived his entire life. His 1978 debut album For You and self-titled second LP, released in October 1979, kicked off an incredibly prolific run of albums that included 1999, Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day, Sign O The Times and Batman, among others, throughout the 1980s at a clip of nearly one per year, evolving with each release.

It was 1984′s Purple Rain — his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 — released in conjunction with the film of the same name, that cemented him as one of the greatest artists of his generation, earning him two Grammys, and Oscar and a victory over Michael Jackson’s Thriller for Favorite Pop/Rock Album at the 1985 American Music Awards. Along the way, he worked with several bands under a series of pseudonyms, including The Time, the New Power Generation and The Revolution, as both frontman and producer.

Prince was also known for his eponymous Love Symbol, created in protest against his longtime record label Warner Bros., under which he released an album in 1992. His 18th and final album for the label, 1996′s Chaos and Disorder, finally released him from his contract.

As a recording artist, Prince was legendary for his prolific and perfectionist nature which allowed him to release a steady slew of material as he experimented in the studio; as a result, unreleased b-sides and bootlegs have become highly sought-after collectibles for die-hard fans, and his infamous “vault” of recordings has become the stuff of legend.

Story developing.

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Technics SL-1200 Turntable Sells Out In Just 30 Minutes


Last year, Technics said the SL-1200 turntable would be returning after being discontinued in 2010. Technics owner Panasonic made the decision after an avalanche of requests from nostalgic DJs and turntable fans.

Fast-forward to now, and the SL-1200 made its official return, first by going on sale in Japan. That initial run of new Technic SL-1200 turntables sold out in just 30 minutes. Just 300 of the limited edition turntables went up for sale for the equivalent of $3,300 each, and vinyl lovers quickly snapped them up.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the new edition would set customers back thousands of dollars and people quickly criticized the price tag. But, this hasn’t had any effect on sales: in fact, the manufacturers have reported that they didn’t quite expect the models to sell out as quickly as they did.

The Technics SL-1200 turntable is classed as one of the most important turntables in history and those that purchased them obviously saw value in the product to justify the expenditure. Now, there is talk that another 900 limited edition models being made available to purchase internationally, but at this time there’s no confirmation.

Also, if the limited edition is out of your price range, a slightly more affordable version is said to be available later this year.

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