The role of the Team Leader will be to help manage production workflow for the Creative Team in the Club Killers office. Working closely with the Creative Team Production Manager, your main output is the smooth and efficient execution of all projects assigned to the team.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:
    • Maintain an organized system for administrative duties - invoicing, outreach, equipment, and third party vendors
    • Assist in securing, scheduling, and managing of all talent, crew, and locations for production team
    • Working closely with the Creative Team Production Manager & Creative Team Manager to uphold the standards of the Club Killers
    • Continually improving efficiency and enforcing our production processEnsuring all productions are wrapped in a timely manner and within budget
    • Tracking project timelines and deadlines - ensuring creative team and vendors are kept informed and workload is maintained at a manageable level
The ideal candidate is:
    • Informed - Up to date on fashion, music and the arts, as well as knowledgeable about Club Killers culture.
    • Creative - You are a visual storyteller who can develop new and innovative ideas with the team to elevate all projects
    • Very Well Organized - Punctual and methodical, with a stellar memory, and with airtight organizational skills. You are the person the team will count on to be on top of everything. You will be expected to keep track of many projects at once without letting details slide through the cracks.
    • Flexible - Humble and willing to tackle sometimes mundane but essential tasks with overall willingness to learn.  
    • Resourceful - The ability to secure talent, locations, and resources quickly. Can pivot and adapt to unforeseen circumstances that often arise. The expertise to foresee when outside resources are necessary.
    • Autonomous - The ability to take direction, but needs a little management and oversight to get the job done.
    • Goal-Focused - The drive to complete tasks smoothly and efficiently.
    • Positive/Charismatic - A people-person who knows how to get the best out of their team, while maintaining a great relationship with trusted vendor, creatives, and freelancers. Skilled at managing multiple parties involved with one project and keeping all players happy while maintaining the creative vision.

Your performance will be determined by the happiness and ease of the clients, the contentment of the Creative Production Manager and team, and the overall quality and volume of the work executed.   Requirements include 1-2 years experience in either video or digital agency production. Salary is determined by experience.