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Which are the best DJ headphones??

In this video we put some of the leading DJ headphones head-to-head across multiple categories, highlighting both the winners and losers of each category. Find out who reigns supreme across sound quality, value, durability, adaptability, comfort and design!

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Numark Mixstream Pro Go | 100% Wireless Battery-Powered Standalone DJ Controller


From bedroom to beach and from livestreaming studio to patio party, the Mixstream Pro Go lets DJs bring the vibe with them wherever they go.

With its built-in rechargeable battery, on-board speakers, Wi-Fi, USB/SD card slots, professional DJ performance features, and wireless smart home lighting control, the Mixstream Pro Go is the world’s first 100% wireless standalone DJ controller.

No longer are DJs confined to an indoor studio or bedroom, now they can share their mixing skills virtually anywhere. No wires, computers, or existing music library required!

posted by JD Live

DJ Shawn Bonds - Clubkillers Radio EP. 487

Wow! Bangers from start to finish on this episode with DJ Shawn Bonds!! Listen now!

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DJ Alexx K - Clubkillers Radio EP. 486

This mix hit's hard at the gym! make sure to listen to DJ ALEXX K as he take it up a notch on this weeks Clubkillers Radio!

posted by JD Live

DJ Jonny Kage - Clubkillers Radio EP. 485

DJ Johnny Kage came correct with this mix!! PURE FIRE!! Listen NOW!

Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 and SC LIVE 2

This overview video will help you get started DJing with your new Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 or SC LIVE 2 professional standalone DJ controller.

Posted by JD Live

Club Killers Radio #484 - Justin James

Need a good mix for your workout today?? this is it!! DJ Justin James takes you from different genres to fire up your workout, enjoy!

posted by JD Live

Introducing the PLX-CRSS12 professional digital-analog hybrid turntable

ntroducing the PLX-CRSS12 professional digital-analog hybrid turntable. The world’s first deck to offer analog playback and tone-arm-free DVS control for zero needle skipping.

? Tone-arm-free DVS control with the MAGVEL CLAMP
? Easily find your perfect “weight” setting
? Adjust torque levels
? 3 stopping speeds
? MIDI-mappable Performance Pads
? OLED display (key info and more)
? High-quality sound (improves on the PLX-1000)
? Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox compatible

Posted by JD Live

Club Killers Radio - Ep 481

DJ ARDENT brings the fire for this weeks Clubkillers Mixcloud podcast, take a listen!

Posted by JD Live

Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop | Official Trailer

This timely limited doc series recontextualizes the role the irrepressible women of hip hop played throughout the revolutionary genre’s 50 years by reinserting them into the canon where they belong: at the center, from day one to present day. Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop premieres August 9th, only on Netflix.

Posted by David Miller

Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7

Meet the all-new DJControl Inpulse T7, the latest Serato DJ compatible controller with two 7" motorized jog wheels, vinyl discs and slipmats that pay homage to the first DJs who paved the way for their modern success.

posted by David Miller

AlphaTheta Corporation has acquired Serato

The acquisition is pending approval:
In New Zealand (where Serato Audio Research, Serato DJ’s parent company, is based) any overseas entity, including a Japanese company, wishing to invest in significant business assets in New Zealand must obtain consent from the OIO before proceeding with their investment. This includes when an overseas company intends to acquire an existing New Zealand company that holds such assets. It often involves proving that the transaction is beneficial to New Zealand

Pioneer DJ has struggled with solid software (Rekordbox DJ) and Serato DJ’s software dev team would be a very valuable asset:
Look no further than Stems to understand why Pioneer DJ might want to have a more nimble team with much higher user experience acumen on their side.

The blog post hints at ‘new synergies’ and ‘significant technological innovations’. Given both companies’ track records in pioneering DJ and audio technologies, I’d expect they’d aim to launch new, cutting-edge products and features that could potentially redefine aspects of DJing. It seems to me that bringing realtime Stems to standalone CDJs / mixers would be the clear big move.

posted by David Miller (via Djtechtools)

The Making Of A Chart-Smashing Dance Anthem

Sonique gives us an exclusive insight into the making of her 1998 dance classic 'It Feels So Good', on the eve of the 25th anniversary of its release. The track would go on to land the No. 1 spot in the UK Singles Chart, as well as dominate charts across the world, helping cement its place as a true dance classic.

Here, Sonique talks about how ‘It Feels So Good’ started out as a d&b track, working on it in the studio, and how it became one of the biggest-selling singles of 1998.

Posted by JD Live

CDJ-3000 Tutorial - StreamingDirectPlay

A major firmware update for the CDJ-3000 brings StreamingDirectPlay support for Beatport Streaming:

? Play tracks live from Beatport’s streaming service via our flagship multi player
? Sign in on 1 CDJ-3000 and play from up to 4 units in the PRO DJ LINK network
? Mix streamed tracks with those from rekordbox CloudDirectPlay for a seamless experience

posted by David Miller


The FOUR brilliantly combines the latest in performance-focused DJ technology with RANE’s tried-and-
true build and industry-leading sound quality. The result is a bulletproof, great sounding, feature-packed
DJ controller for performance-focused DJs. With never-before-seen features like STEM-SPLIT,
Performance Pad OLED displays, and a new dynamic internal FX engine, the FOUR is the
world’s most advanced 4-channel Stems DJ controller.

posted by David Miller

Zedd - Clarity Orchestral Concert Documentary

Clarity Orchestral Concert Documentary. Behind the scenes look from preparation to performance of Clarity live alongside a 50-piece orchestra in celebration of the album’s 10-year anniversary.

Posted by David Miller

XPRS2 Active Speaker Series Introduction

Meet the new XPRS2 active speaker series comprising two loudspeakers and two subs. Designed for all kinds of uses from professional DJ performances to live musicians and public speaking.

posted by David Miller

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 Feature Walkthrough

From the Serato studio in East London, Blakey takes you through Pioneer DJ’s next-generation club mixer - The Pioneer DJ DJM-A9. This powerful mixer comes with a host of new features and boasts significant upgrades on predecessor models. Take a closer look.

posted by David Miller

RANE FOUR x Serato Stems

Blakey walks you through his routine on the RANE FOUR using Serato Stems. Get an inside look at the new Stems features he used and how he did it. Take a closer look.

posted by David Miller

All-new rekordbox for iOS (ver.4.0)

Introducing the all-new rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0, with a major update bringing new features and a smoother DJ experience.
rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0 is also compatible with pro DJ gear such as the CDJ-3000, XDJ-RX3, and XDJ-XZ, enabling the hardware to play the tracks saved in the app. The Cloud Library Sync feature puts your rekordbox tracks in the cloud and syncs across devices. So, you might use your PC/Mac to prepare tracks and playlists, then use your phone to play a gig. You can sync up to 10 tracks with your cloud-based rekordbox library for free.

posted by David Miller