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Jewel Nightclub @ Aria in Las Vegas opens up with Drake, Jamie Foxx, Chainsmokers & more.


Last Thursday, May 19, Las Vegas newest superclub, JEWEL, officially opened its doors. Located inside the luxurious ARIA hotel on the strip, the sophisticated venue is the latest property of the esteemed Hakkasan Group, the brains behind forward-thinking nightclubs Hakkasan and OMNIA.

The opening weekend featured an array of top talent behind the DJ booth, along with a seemingly endless supply of surprise guest appearances. On Thursday night, for instance, Hakkasan resident DJ Irie kicked things off with actor and musician Jamie Foxx MCing the night. Foxx soon spotted friend and fellow JEWEL resident Lil Jon in the crowd, inviting him up to the decks for what quickly turned into a raucous surprise set.


Friday night was all about Drake, the Grammy-winning talent fresh off his latest album Views. Onstage alongside DJ Future, Drake performed hits like Jumpman, Running Through The Six and his latest, One Dance. Perhaps even more impressive, Drake was an unannounced special guest of the weekend, only further proving the power of JEWELs booking and their surprise acts.

Saturday saw burgeoning electronic duo The Chainsmokers take over the main room, bringing their crossover dance hits to the packed venue. Lastly, Lil Jon finished off the grand opening on Monday for his debut set, performing his iconic singles like Turn Down For What and Outta Your Mind.


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Mr. Shaw on Club Killers Radio

The 2015 Club Killers Radio contest winner is back with another super fresh mix for your ears.

Dillon Francis Debuts Online Reality Show Parody, 'DJ World'

6 DJ's picked to live in a house and have their lives taped.

Dillon Francis has just uploaded the first installment of his reality show parody, 'DJ World'.

The YouTube series, a comical rip off MTV's The Real World, places six aspiring DJs in a house.

In classic Dillon fashion, he's playing a number of different personas including the overzealous show host, a socially awkward bedroom producer, the classic gold-chain adorned douchebag and himself.

The cast also includes OWSLA's Getter as a spaced out, pink-haired partier, Vine star Nick Coletti as a Beats wearing EDM head and more.

The series, directed by Brandon Dermer, will air episodes on Dillon's Youtube page every Monday and Thursday for seven episodes.

Posted by David Miller (via youtube)

Guide To Choosing The Right Studio Monitor


Struggling to choose the RIGHT set of studio monitors?
In a time when there are so many great choices when it comes to studio monitors how can you pick what is going to be the right set for you?
The ear is a funny thing. Its very subjective what I hear can be very different to what you hear. The difference can be quite drastic too. We need a kind of universal guide when selecting monitors rather than just listening to a set and saying they sound good or bad, (which is how most people do it) because what may sound good to me may not sound so good to you.
The human ear adapts to the sound coming from speakers very rapidly. Have you ever been auditioning two sets of speakers and when you switch from one to another one set sounds out of phase yet after about 10 seconds of listening the phasing disappears? This is typical and its not the speakers that are phased, its your ear trying to adjust to the slight differences in frequency and time when you switch between them.
A great HiFi speaker designer once told me never switch between two sets of speakers when trying to decide between them; he said listen to one, stop the music, switch to the second and turn the music back on. This way your ear will have enough time to make critical objective decisions on both.
If you can listen to Frequency, Detail and Imaging in isolation trying not to focus on the entire overall sound you will be able to pick out problems a lot easier.

Listen and concentrate on just the frequencies note the amount of treble, mid and bass frequencies. Is it even? Are you feeling that bass? Do you squint when you focus on the mid register, does the top end sound hard? Note these things down and move to number 2.

Listen to the amount of detail in each frequency band. Focus on each band and determine how much detail you can hear. Can you hear the front of a bass note? Is the bass undefined or can you easily separate the bass instrument from say the kick drum. Move to the mids. This is where you should hear the most details. Can you hear all the instruments clearly? You should be able to hear the space around the instruments (the air). Now move to the highs. Can you clearly differentiate between high hat cymbals and the ride.

Now listen to imaging. Is the stereo image wide or narrow? Can you visualize the instruments or players in the stereo field? If you can clearly pinpoint each player or instrument you are listening to a set of speakers with good imagining. If the speakers sound two dimensional and narrow and the sounds and instruments blur into each other the imagining is not so good.
There are so many good speakers to choose from and I understand that youre not going to get a chance to hear every speaker side by side, but even if you cant the method above should give you a good basic guide to work with and should make your decision a little easier.
The last thing I would suggest is choosing a speaker that is the right size for you room. If youre in a bedroom studio dont get an 8 speaker. The bottom end is just going to bounce around your room and get amplified. Did you know that when bass frequencies hit a wall it would be amplified by about 6db. Corners can get up to an 18db kick when the 3 walls meet. So as you can see big speakers in a bedroom sized studio can get a bit out of hand.
On the flipside if your space is the size of a garage you may want to get a bigger speaker so that you are not pushing a little set of 5 speakers to their max.

Posted by Damian Good D (via soundseasy)

Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Dance Off"

Idris Elba stars as the overlord of the dance in the hilarious, over-the-top new video for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Dance Off."

The British actor provides the song's melodramatic vocal tag, and appears at the beginning and end of the video, donning a luxurious white fur coat and pounding on a haunted-house organ. In between, Macklemore ambles through a mysterious hotel, while epic dance floor showdowns follow him every step of the way.

While the first dance off takes place, sensibly enough, at a wedding reception, Macklemore later finds himself munching on fries while patrons and staff square off in a diner, and pedaling an exercise bike while beefcakes wild out in the gym. The Seattle MC even shows off his own footwork in an extended sequence alongside hotel bellhops, before a group of mall masseuses bring the clip to its ridiculous close.

"Dance Off" was directed by Lewis and Jason Koenig, and features choreography from Anna Matuszewski. The track appears on Macklemore and Lewis' latest record, This Unruly Mess I've Made, which was released in February.

Posted by Jon Blistein (via Rolling Stone)

DJ/Musicians, Check Out Instagrams New Analytics


Instagram is launching analytics for businesses and brands that use the platform, according to a post on the blog.

The new feature will be called Insights, and will provide information on the demographic of a users followers, including location, age, and gender. Besides follower analytics there is also a section that will focus on post analytics.

Providing follower analytics is not only useful for businesses who want to know where their audience is, but it also helps to distinguish the best time to post content. It also allows users to see who they are targeting and if they are reaching their desired audience.

Musicians will find this information extremely useful, as it provides the location of their fans. That makes decisions like where to tour for example a lot easier. There is also analytical information which allows users to tracks the number of new followers gained on an hourly or daily basis.


The post analytics tool tracks the number of times the post has been viewed, and the number of accounts which have seen the post. Website links that are often in the bio of an Instagram are also tracked to see how often the links are clicked.

Since the app launched back in 2010, it has experienced exponential growth and there are now over 400 million active users. Its one of the most engaging apps in the world, and that translates into marketing power. Accordingly, brands, marketing companies, and artists alike have taken to the app to connect with their audiences.

Overall, the analytics give a thorough look at the information which a business, marketer or musician would want to know. It has not only created a better way for them to be more effective in the way they share and post images and videos, but it helps with developing stronger user engagement.
Only a small percentage of users currently have the analytical tools, but this is expected to roll out to the wider Instagram audience in the next few months.

Posted by David Miller (via LaterBlog)

SoundCloud Preparing To Block All DJ Mixes


SoundCloud is now preparing to impose serious restrictions on the upload of all DJ mixes, according to a source with close knowledge of the companys plans.

As of Monday morning, it remains unclear exactly what these restrictions will entail, only that significant and serious limitations are on the way. That said, the restrictions could include a complete block on all DJ mixes that are not fully cleared, a decision that would impact an extremely large percentage of tracks.


Already, SoundCloud has been wreaking havoc on DJ accounts, with high-profile artists routinely finding their accounts ripped down based on copyright concerns. In some cases, these teardowns are questionable, though DJs rarely have a voice in the matter.

Problematic indeed, but instead of resolving those concerns, recently-inked deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment seem to be intensifying the level of policing happening on the site. I dont think the DJs are going to be happy, the source relayed to Digital Music News last week. Probably piss off a lot of subscribers too.

Those subscribers belong to Go, a paid-only platform that launched in the US in March, and just recently expanded into the UK. At present, SoundCloud has yet to disclose its paid subscriber numbers, though industry expectations are low given the long-running, gratis nature of the site. Either way, early adopters of Go are undoubtedly more sensitive to content gaps, given that they are paying.

At present, SoundCloud boasts 185 million active users, with DMCA protections traditionally enabling a free-for-all on content licensing. That party now appears over, with major labels partnering instead of suing but clearly imposing major restrictions on the site.

Meanwhile, DJs big and small appear to be migrating towards less-regulated environments, a migration that could become an all-out exodus if upcoming restrictions are put in place. Rival sites like MixCloud have been benefiting enormously from SoundClouds tightening restrictions, with high-profile DJs also pushing more content into iTunes Podcasts as well. That raises another major concern, though Apple is understood to have received very little pressure from rights owners to monitor content on its podcasts.

It should be noted that this information comes to Digital Music News from a single source, with other contacts connected to SoundCloud unable (or unwilling) to corroborate the information. But this same source accurately tipped DMN on SoundClouds recent Sony Music tie-up as well as its launch of premium subscription service, Go, both within about 10 days of their respective announcements. So, its safe to say were taking this individual pretty seriously at this stage.

Posted by David Miller (via digitalmusicnews)

DJ Snake & Diplo Slam David Guetta for 'Fake' Version of 'Lean On'


DJ Snake has put his teeth into David Guetta with a string of stinging tweets targeting the veteran DJ and producers anthem for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

The trap star took offense with? Guetta's recording "This Ones For You", a collaboration with rising Swedish singer and songwriter Zara Larsson, which he branded as horrible and slammed as a fake take on Lean On. The messages have since been deleted, though screengrabs of the flare-up can be seen below


Major Lazer founding member Diplo (and co-creator or" Lean On") then got in on the action with his own social media barbs, which DJ Snake retweeted. U cant rip us off and go unnoticed. Its a small community here, he wrote in one.


Diplo's also had a dig at Guetta's vintage, "I respect my elders but when they straight jack us its clap back season," he wrote.


It's not the first time Diplo has accused an EDM producer of ripping off another artist's music. In March he accused Zedd of lifting Flume's mojo on a tune for an M&Ms campaign.

"This Ones For You" arrived today (May 13). Guetta has yet to respond to the accusations.

Posted by Lars Brandle (via Billboard)

Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE Drop Hilarious 'Need You' Video

Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE have racked up nearly half a million Soundcloud plays in three days alone on their latest moombahton track, "Need You," and they're aiming to gain more with the song's out-there music video. Directed by Internet presence and meme curator Jack Wagner, better known as @versace_tamagotchi - the video is appropriately ridiculous and memorable.

Dillon debuts his alter ego, the raunchy and rude DJ Darren, Dillon - Francis, who does "birthdays, weddings, Quinceaneras, corporate event, block parties, and youth retreats." The visor-and-mirrored-sunglasses clad DJ Dillon Francis has the ability to bring out everyone's wild side, turning a tame suburban backyard gathering into an out-of-control, booze-fueled mess.

Posted by David Miller (via billboard)

How Should I Organize Music On A USB Drive?


Basically you should view your USB stick as you would your record crate or CD case in the old days, meaning you pick about twice the amount of tracks youd need for the night from your full collection. Youd base your choice on the kind of gig and your plan for the night, including "Plan B" tracks because nothing ever really goes according to plan in a DJ set (and you shouldn't plan everything to a tee).

In Rekordbox, make one or more playlists for the gig (including mini-sets if you've adopted that tip from the site) and create a USB stick with only those playlists and tracks on it. You should be able to quickly navigate to and through the playlists to find your tunes. Be sure to click all the necessary fields in Rekordbox that you will want to index when exporting tracks to your USB stick, like BPM, genre, key, and so on.

It also pays to determine what CDJ settings you prefer (continuous play/single play, cue behavior and such) and set those within Rekordbox, and export those settings to your USB stick. When you show up to the club, you can simply load the preferences and the entire unit is set the way you want.

What I'd do is bring three USB sticks with identical content - playlists, tracks and CDJ preferences. While more modern CDJs have the Pro DJ Link feature that connects CDJs to each other so you can use one stick for two or even four players, this is not always the case, especially with older CDJs that lack this feature. If you're faced with this scenario, you'll need one USB stick per player. I recommend having one as a spare, hence bring three of them just in case.

Finally, as we always suggest dont bring too much music to a gig, unless you are a mobile DJ, in which case bringing a separate request collection is probably in order. Twice the amount youll actually need to perform should give you plenty of room to move and go in tangents if needed as the night wears on.

Posted by DJ Vintage (via digitaldjtips)

Ben Harris & DJ Mustard - Dat Ass Tho (Club Killers Remix)


The Club Killers crew is back with another massive twerk inspired remix of Ben Harris & DJ Mustard 2015 collab "Dat Ass Tho". It was first available exclusively to members of but now we're releasing this beast out to the wild for free download on Soundcloud.

Posted by David Miller

Flo Rida - "Hello Friday" Megamix Contest Entry & Rules


Flo Rida is back with another smash record Hello Friday and are inviting DJs to participate in a Flo Rida DJ Megamix with a chance to win a Pioneer DJM-S9 DJ Mixer or a Flo Rida Platinum Plaque.

This unique contest will be judged on the DJs creativity and a secondary factor is the amount of soundcloud plays. Entries are accepted from Radio Mixshow djs that are US Residents and must be submitted as a private link on the entry form - Additional information below.

Additional FAQ:
- All Entries must be submitted via Soundcloud private link on the entry form on the link above!!
- Entries accepted from 4/22-5/20 - earlier Entries encouraged to promote their mix on soundcloud
- Winner chosen on 5/27/16
- Mixes are to be 10-15 minutes in Length and start with Hello Friday"
- Once your respective mix is whitelisted, you can activate link to public and promote your mix!
- Creativity & Mix Quality is weighted more heavily than Soundcloud plays in Judging
(We will post the Top Outstanding mixes and have the fans listen and vote)
- Bootlegs, Samples, Hype Edits, Wordplay, and Cool Transitions are allowed.
- Open Only to Radio Mixshow DJs!!!!!

Posted by Randy Reyes

Drake Set for Career-Best Sales Week With 'Views'


Drakes new Views album is set for a spectacular debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Industry forecasters suggest the hip-hop stars latest effort could sell more than 800,000 copies in the U.S. in the week ending May 5. The set was released exclusively for sale through the iTunes Store and to stream via Apple Music on April 29 by Young Money/Cash Money/Republic Records.

Further, the albums overall equivalent album unit sum for the week could surpass 900,000. Sources at Republic Records say that Views earned over 630,000 equivalent units in its first day at Apple Music and iTunes combined.

The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week based on multi-metric consumption, which includes traditional album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). The top 10 of the new May 21-dated Billboard 200 chart (where Drake could debut at No. 1) is scheduled to be revealed on Billboards websites on Sunday, May 8. (The May 14-dated lists top 10 is still waiting in the wings, and it is expected Beyonces Lemonade will top the tally.)

Provided that Views sales are as robust as predicted, then it would also give Drake his largest sales week ever. His current high was logged when Nothing Was the Same debuted at No. 1 with 658,000 sold in its first week, according to Nielsen Music.

Views follows Drakes five consecutive No. 1-debuting full-length albums on the Billboard 200: What a Time To Be Alive (with Future, in 2015), If Youre Reading This Its Too Late (2015), Nothing Was the Same, Take Care (2012) and Thank Me Later (2010). His only charting album to miss the top was his debut EP, So Far Gone, which peaked at No. 6 in 2009.

If Views starts with over 800,000 copies sold, it will be just the 10th album to sell more than 800,000 copies in a single week in the past 10 years and the first by a male artist to do so since Justin Timberlakes The 20/20 Experience launched with 968,000 in the week ending March 24, 2013. (The last album to sell more than 800,000 in a week was Adeles 25, which managed the feat in three separate weeks at the end of 2015.)

Posted by Keith Caulfield (via Billboard)

20 Best-Selling Prince Songs Following His Death


The April 21 death of Prince triggered a swell in digital song sales for the icon. Notably, 20 tracks of his soar onto Billboard's 25-position R&B Digital Songs chart (dated May 7), marking the most simultaneously charting tracks ever on the chart (which launched in 2010; Rihanna and The Weeknd now share the second-best sum, 12 each).

As previously reported, Prince claims the Nos. 1 and 2 spots on the Billboard 200 albums chart with The Very Best of Prince and the Purple Rain soundtrack, as both titles re-enter. Prince died on the final day of the latest tracking week for Billboard's sales and streaming charts, meaning that fans rushed to purchase his music (and, to a much lesser degree, stream it, as he was a steadfast opponent of most platforms) in the roughly half-day left in the tracking week, after the news of his death broke around 1 p.m. ET. We will see continued impact from the icon's passing on the following week's charts, dated May 14 and reflecting activity in the week ending April 28.

Sales, Title (Rank on R&B Digital Songs chart)
122,000, "Purple Rain"* (1)
100,000, "When Doves Cry" (2)
85,000, "Little Red Corvette" (3)
82,000, "Kiss"* (5)
75,000, "Let's Go Crazy"* (6)
65,000, "1999" (7)
52,000, "I Would Die 4 U"* (8)
49,000, "Raspberry Beret"* (9)
37,000, "I Wanna Be Your Lover" (11)
24,000, "Diamonds and Pearls"** (13)
23,000, "U Got the Look" (15)
22,000, "Darling Nikki"* (16)
19,000, "Adore" (17)
18,000, "Erotic City"* (18)
16,000, "7"*** (19)
13,000, "Cream"** (20)
13,000, "Baby I'm a Star"* (21)
13,000, "The Beautiful Ones"* (22)
12,000, "Gett Off"** (23)
12,000, "Do Me Baby" (24)

*Prince and the Revolution
**Prince and the N.P.G.
***Prince and the New Power Generation

Posted by Amaya Mendiz

DJ Ikon: On The Road Tour


Want to know what it takes to make it as DJ on the road? This spring Blackout Artist DJ Ikon teams up with Club Killers to bring you his official 2016 On The Road tour. A three month extravaganza that will be filmed for the up coming documentary On The Road.

On The Road offers an inside look at the life of a traveling DJ, from the moments under the brightest lights to the darkest hours on the road (and up in the air). Dont miss your chance to get in on the action when Ikon hits the road August 23rd in Waikiki and wraps up in Vegas this July, hitting 16 North American cities in between.

4/29 Hyde Nightclub - Las Vegas
4/30 Parq Nightclub - San Diego
5/1 Parq Nightclub W/ Chris Brown - San Diego
5/6 Tao Beach - Las Vegas
5/14 Aston Manor - Seattle
5/20 The Foundry W/ Oddisee
5/21 Shrine Nightclub - Foxwoods
5/22 Gem Brunch - Boston
5/24 Omnia Nightclub - Las Vegas
5/27 Haven Nightclub - Atlantic City
6/3 Shay Nightclub - Chicago
6/7 Foxtail W/ Ot Genasis
6/17 Eleven Nightclub - Miami
6/18 Temple Nightclub - San Francisco
6/25 Living Room - Minneapolis
7/2 Fwd Nightclub - Cleveland

Posted by David Miller

The Notorious B.I.G. Might Be Going On Tour In Hologram Form


ARHT (Augmented Reality Holographic Technology) Media announced on Monday that it has acquired the digital rights to Biggie Smalls' likeness and will resurrect the famed rapper as a hologram. He (it?) is expected to appear in a new music video before potentially going on tour. "What we're gonna start with is a video with the first single from [Faith Evan's upcoming duets compilation] The King & I then I think Faith wants to do a little tour," ARHT Media founder Rene Bharti told Billboard.

What's more, Holo-Biggie will move and act just like his fleshy predecessor. "We'll use input from virtually anywhere so we'll talk to people, we'll obviously look through existing footage," ARHT CEO Paul Duffy told Billboard. "We'll meet with family members and just look to alternately capture the essence of Biggie. Then we'll have their eyes on all the content and material that's being built. Of course, nothing would be released until they felt comfortable and signed off on it."

Posted by David Miller (via engadget)

8 Popular Songs You Never Knew Prince Wrote


With Prince's shocking death, the monumental scope of his influence on music is just starting to become clear.

The rock, funk and R&B icon has inspired dozens of today's award-winning artists and has crafted numerous albums that ended up greatly reshaping our current musical landscape. He is not just Prince; he is a king.

And unlike some royalty, Prince loved to share his wealth, writing numerous songs for his fellow artists and allowing his music to be covered by other performers as well.

Some of Prince's successful pieces may surprise you, especially since he doesn't sing a word on the tracks. Read on for 8 songs you probably know, but never knew were written by Prince.

1. "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor

Perhaps The Purple One's best known outside effort, this 1990 single, complete with bald, teary video, gave Sinead O'Connor a worldwide hit. Prince originally wrote and composed "Nothing Compares 2 U" for his funk band side project, The Family, but the song was never released as a single

2. "Manic Monday" by The Bangles

Prince wrote this weekday lament in 1984 as a duet for the band Apollonia 6, but the song was never put on a record. Two years after crafting the catchy creation, Prince offered the song to The Bangles under the pseudonym "Christopher," because he liked the song "Heroes Take the Fall" and was reportedly attracted to the group's rhythm guitarist Susanna Hoffs.

3. "Love Song" by Madonna

Prince helped Madonna cowrite this song for the 1989 album Like a Prayer. Madonna traveled to The Studio at Paisley Park in Minnesota, where Prince was pronounced dead, to come up with the piece. Along with helping to write the track, Prince also sang and played guitar on "Love Song."

4. "Stand Back" by Stevie Nicks

Prince paired up with Nicks to help her write this top five hit. The Fleetwood Mac singer has often shared the interesting birth story behind this single from her solo career. According to Nicks, she was inspired to create the song after listening to Prince's "Little Red Corvette." When she went to record "Stand Back", she called Prince about the song, and he showed up at the studio that night to help finish up the track.

5. "I Feel For You" by Chaka Khan

While Khan was not the first one to this song, she made the most memorable version. Prince originally wrote the song for Patrice Rushen but ended up recording the song himself and putting it on his 1979 self-titled album. "I Feel For You" went on to be covered by The Pointer Sisters and Mary Wells, but it was Khan's 1984 version that became the hit to withstand the test of time.

6. "The Glamorous Life" by Sheila E.

Like "Manic Monday," Prince first wrote this song for Apollonia 6. The creation was eventually given to the singer and percussionist Sheila E., who transformed the song into a top dance hit.

7. "Jungle Love" by Morris Day & The Time

The rival band in Purple Rain is actually playing plenty of Prince songs. "The Kid" wrote many songs for the Minneapolis-based band, who were also close friends and collaborators with the artist in real life. Prince helped pen "Jungle Love," one of the group's most popular songs, in 1983 and also played multiple instruments on the track.

8. "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?" by Alicia Keys

Prince wrote and recorded this ballad in 1982 as a b-side to his single "1999," but the track didn't become a commercial success until Keys covered the song in 2002, retitling it "How Come You Don't Call Me." Keys' version went on to appear on several charts across the world.

Posted by Kelli Bener

Technics SL-1200 Turntable Sells Out In Just 30 Minutes


Last year, Technics said the SL-1200 turntable would be returning after being discontinued in 2010. Technics owner Panasonic made the decision after an avalanche of requests from nostalgic DJs and turntable fans.

Fast-forward to now, and the SL-1200 made its official return, first by going on sale in Japan. That initial run of new Technic SL-1200 turntables sold out in just 30 minutes. Just 300 of the limited edition turntables went up for sale for the equivalent of $3,300 each, and vinyl lovers quickly snapped them up.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the new edition would set customers back thousands of dollars and people quickly criticized the price tag. But, this hasnt had any effect on sales: in fact, the manufacturers have reported that they didnt quite expect the models to sell out as quickly as they did.

The Technics SL-1200 turntable is classed as one of the most important turntables in history and those that purchased them obviously saw value in the product to justify the expenditure. Now, there is talk that another 900 limited edition models being made available to purchase internationally, but at this time theres no confirmation.

Also, if the limited edition is out of your price range, a slightly more affordable version is said to be available later this year.

Posted By Oliver Klozoff (via digitalmusicnews)

Here's What Went Down At Coachella - Week 1

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.27.28 AM

Coachellas first weekend has been wrapped up, and although this year didnt bring us a Rage Against the Machine reunion, 2Pac hologram, or live duet between Jay Z and Beyonce, of course a number of noteworthy moments transpired over the three-day festival.

Get your fill of all the best moments from the opening weekend and stay posted for more updates next weekend.

A$AP Rocky, Diplo and Skrillex Bring Out Kanye West

Kanye West made not one but two unlisted appearances over the weekend, first joining A$AP Rocky on stage for a few quick renditions from The Life of Pablo, before Diplo and Skrillex later brought West on stage.

Guns N Roses are joined by Angus Young of AC/DC

Ailed by a broken foot, Guns N Roses lead singer Axl Rose sat perched in a Game of Thrones-style chair, given to him by fellow-rocker Dave Grohl, who knows what its like to suffer a broken foot while on tour.
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.35.44 AM

Ice Cube brings out MC Ren and DJ Yella Common, Snoop Dogg, and Cubes son OShea Jackson Jr.

Reuniting members of N.W.A. (of the surviving N.W.A. members, only Dre was absent) following the box office success of Straight Outta Compton, Ice Cube also brought out Common, Snoop Dogg and his son for this years performance, which included live versions of Fuck tha Police and The Next Episode.
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.38.26 AM

Bernie Sanders introduces Run the Jewels

Anyone tuning in to Run the Jewels set at Coachella was truly feeling the Bern, as Senator and Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders provided an introduction for Killer Mike and El-Ps set. The duo also brought out Queens hip-hop fixture Nas.


Post Malone wasnt on the bill, but performed a cover of Nirvanas Lithium anyway

In the past, weve seen Malone strum out covers of Bob Dylan songs, among others, so altogether we could be more shocked that Post busted out a Nirvana cover.

Calvin Harris brings out RiRi

Rihanna briefly showed face during Calvin Harris DJ set, as the Barbadian songstress took the stage to perform the duos 2011 collaboration We Found Love.

Sam Smith, Lorde and others join Disclosure

The boys from Disclosure made sure to make their 2016 Coachella appearance unforgettable, by bringing out some of the most prominent names in the industry like Lorde, Sam Smith, AlunaGeorge, Kwabs and Brendan Reilly.

Posted by David Miller (via highsnobiety)

MTVs Preview For Martin Garrix "The Ride" Actually Looks Interesting

Ready for an unprecedented look at the life of Martijn Garritsen? His documentary with MTV, The Ride, just had its world premiere in Amsterdam, and the entire thing is loads more interesting than we imagined.

Even if youre opposed to Martin Garrixs rise to stardom, you cant deny the kids talent. Saving up for new LED equipment in his pre-teens, playing his first club gig when he was 13, and then signing with Spinnin at 16 are just a few examples of whats set him apart in todays scene.

Posted By David Miller (via youredm)