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Alex Dreamz on Club Killers Radio

Here is an exclusive mix we compiled for our friends @ Gradweek 2015 / ISTours, who will be celebrating Gradweek this whole month in the Bahamas, Hawaii, Cancun, Panama City Beach & more. For more info (This mix contains a portion of our Best of 2014 Mix Pt 2 episode from Dubai). Check out the full track list Continue reading

America’s 10 Biggest Nightclubs Earned Over $550 Million In Revenue Last Year


Between crazy cover charges, VIP table reservations, and copious amounts of drink purchases, its undeniable how high the cost of treating yourself to a night out partying can be. After embarking on some statistical research around how much avid goers’ wallets have taken a beating last year, the folks at were able to give us an informed estimate on the total revenue the top ten clubs in the United States earned in 2014. The result? A staggering $550 million in revenue. That’s right, America’s clubbing world is now said to have an estimated worth of over half a billion dollars—a new high for the industry.

Topping the list are two of the biggest clubs to have ever existed, Las Vegas’s XS and Hakkasan, who each passed the $100 million mark in revenue (probably because table reservations can cost up to $10,000 alone at these clubs…yikes). Along with XS and Hakkasan, 5 more of 2014’s top 10 earning clubs have a home in Las Vegas, with only 3 clubs hailing from other parts of the country; New York City and Miami Beach.

Based on these numbers rising in tandem with the popularity of electronic dance music, it’s easy to credit these history-making statistics to the parallel high demand for the DJ services of cash cow electronic acts, like Las Vegas resident DJs Calvin Harris, Avicii, Hardwell, Kaskade, Skrillex, and Diplo. And it’s clear that there are a handful of high rollers that aren’t turned off in the slightest by the excessive price tags that come associated with a night on the town. Check out’s list of the U.S.’s top 10 earning clubs below along with their staggering revenue price tag estimates.

Here are the top ten clubs in America, with an estimation of their 2014 earnings (numbers reported are the upper end of the range given):

1. XS, Las Vegas, $105 million

2. Hakkasan, Las Vegas, $103 million

3. Marquee Nightclub, Las Vegas, $85 million

4. TAO Las Vegas, Las Vegas, $55 million

5. LIV, Miami Beach, $45 million

6. Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas, $45 million

7. LAVO New York, New York City, $35 million

8. Story, Miami Beach, $30 million

9. Hyde Bellagio, Las Vegas, $30 million

10. LAVO Las Vegas, Las Vegas, $25 million

Posted by Morgan Susalka (via EDMTunes)
Photo by Danny Mahoney

Global Scratch Jam f/ Chris Karns, JFB, Skratch Bastid & Pfel

The internet is a great thing. How else could you watch four great turntablist DJs perform a synchronised routine from the USA, Canada, UK and France all at once?

Watch this global scratch jam with Chris Karns, JFB, Skratch Bastid and Pfel Even Mark Marson tweeted out and showed some love it’s a must watch.

Posted by David Miller (via Serato)

Digital Dave on Club Killers Radio

Digital Dave is back on Club Killers Radio representing for Pittsburgh, PA! Check out his full track list Continue reading

Diplo: “I Get A Lot Of Success Cause I’m White”

Major Lazer - Portrait

According to Diplo, he gets a lot of his success because he’s white.

When speaking with Q Magazine, Diplo apparently said, “I get a lot of success because I’m white. You have to be aware that it’s happening.” Using his failed attempts to drum up interest for baile funk acts outside of Brazil as an example, he pointed out, “Nobody wanted to see some black guy come out of the ghettos of Brazil and talk about real gangsta stuff. I learned really quick what marketing for the rest of the world was like.”

Diplo uses his own observations from traveling across Jamaica and South America, citing a lack of musical identity in these countries and a willingness to absorb the US’s Top 40 hits.

“For us there’s never really a feeling of authenticity because there’s no authenticity there. When I was first going there the biggest record in Jamaica was Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’! Miley Cyrus’s ‘Party In The USA’ shut down Jamaica! So I thought, ‘Who the fuck cares what people in England or America think about me going to Jamaica?’”

It’s not as if Diplo is speaking falsely – I’m sure that a lot of his international success is because he’s white, and due to what’s called “white privilege”.

But to Diplo’s own credit, he’s also a very powerful producer and one of the most consistent icons in modern dance music. His appearance in press has kept his name at the very top of everyone’s mind, and his collaborations, duos and singles prove that he has what it takes in the studio and behind the decks.

Don’t sell yourself short, Diplo.

Posted by Matthew Meadow (via YourEDM)

2015 Club Killers 25 Track Bootleg Pack

What up Club Killers fam!!! If you’re a loyal members of the Club Killers VIP members area there is no need for you to download this pack, well actually there is an unreleased Truffle Butter Remix we never posted so I take that back! You might want to download & make sure you already have all those files.

This pack is pretty much for non members out there in the internets and such! Features some mash ups, remixes, & transitons that most of you CK regulars are already familiar with. Hope you guys enjoy the pack. Hope you all have great DJ sets this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend! Relax with the fam, enjoy life.

Posted by Alex Dreamz