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DJ Eric Forbes on Club Killers Radio

We are very happy to bring you the return of DJ Eric Forbes on Club Killers Radio. Another hard hitting mix from Eric featuring over 50 tracks in 60 mins! Yup that’s right 50 tracks. Perfect high energy mix for your next workout. Click “Continue Reading” to check out his full track list. Continue reading

Watch Diplo & Madonna perform on Jimmy Fallon


In case you needed further evidence that Diplo has well and truly entered the major leagues, we present Exhibit A: the Philadelphia selector crushing a Jimmy Fallon performance with the Queen of Pop.

Bitch I’m Madonna is one of seven tracks Diplo wrote with Madonna for her new record Rebel Heart, and it proves you’re never too old for a heavy twerk beat, a Nicki Minaj verse and some party-ready lyrics. Madonna and Diplo performed the track earlier tonight on Jimmy Fallon, and you can watch the clip below. Things kick off backstage with Madonna busting in on Diplo in a dressing room surrounded by flexing dancers (clad in outfits Redfoo would be ashamed to be seen in), before moving out to the studio audience for some serious pelvis-thrusting action. Click play below to see what went down.

Posted by Nick Jarvis (Via inthemix)

Fans Left Disappointed After Dillon Francis & DJ Snake Recruit Rae Sremmurd For “Get Low” Remix

Some things should remain untouched. Keep it simple. That’s what makes hits. Too many artist these days come out with an “instrumental” track only to be followed up by adding some unnecessary vocals atop what was already a stellar song. Whether it be a melodic trance track to a trap song that has one more verse added to it; the result sometimes doesn’t come out as desired, especially when most of it has to do with keeping the record fresh in order to sell more copies.

I usually don’t go on rants of this nature and believe that if a song isn’t good in my opinion, it’s easier and more respectful to just leave it be than to waste time trashing the artist and the tune. Today, an exception will be made. Dillon Francis and DJ Snake‘s massive tune from 2014, “Get Low”, received a vocal edit featuring the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd that was released earlier this week.

There are two words that describe this tune: it’s bad. Giving off an almost amateurish vibe; making the track stuffy and seemingly forced atop of what was originally a pretty flawless release in the trap world. Just a word of advice to upcoming and cemented artists alike. Don’t mess with perfection once you’ve reached it. Start on another project. Don’t defile a good thing by getting greedy.

Posted by James Harmon (via EDMTunes)

Bunji Garlin – Climb (Doc & Jes Remix)

Reggae trap fire from the homies from T-Dot — Doc Jones and Jester aka Doc and Jes. Now hittin Club Killers.

Posted by Dennis Blaze

FREE DOWNLOAD: Clean Bandit – Real Love (Club Killers Remix)

Here is one of our favorite remixes we did a couple months ago for Warner Music UK. Enjoy.

Posted by David Miller

Calvin Harris talks Rihanna & Getting His Credit


Looking through Calvin Harris’ last two albums, you can see that there’s definitely a preference for female vocalists over male. While established artists like John Newman, Exampe and Tinie Tempah make appearances, tracks like “Pray To God,” “Outside,” “We Found Love,” and “Sweet Nothing” perfectly demonstrate how flawlessly female vocals can add to a track.

In a recent talk with NME, a discussion about his studio time with Rihanna on “We Found Love” dug up some interesting perspective from the Scottish producer. While Harris has previously alluded to his preference for female vocals, he goes into just a bit more detail herein.

“They’re always at the perfect frequency to play in a club. A good, soaring, high-mid female vocal bounces off the walls nicely, and it doesn’t interfere with the bass or drumbeat.

“It’s basic science. A man’s voice is likely to interfere with the bassline which is why you don’t hear many classic dance tracks with a male lead.”

I would agree that perhaps a lot of “classic” tracks are lacking male vocalists, but artists like Tiesto who have taken vocalists like Matthew Koma under their wings have begun to realize the potential that males have for vocals. Many male producers are beginning to add their own vocals to tracks, as well, Calvin included. Alvin Risk, Crywolf, and Tristam are notorious for using their own vocals, and Porter Robinson too on his latest album.

We won’t decry Calvin’s love of female vocals, though. They’re absolutely awesome.

In the interview, Calvin Harris also described how it was like working with Rihanna and how she found him “strange”:

“She thought I was kind of funny, this strange guy making cool music, or I guess what she thought was cool. I’d never been around someone who was doing shows so big, such a huge iconic presence. I kept my head down. Then I saw her at the last show and she told me she wanted to do a song like the one I was playing.”

He also had to ask to get credit on his own song. The fact he had to ask, is kind of messed up. When talking about having to ask for credit, Calvin Harris stated:

”I was like, ‘Look, this is my song. I’ve done everything. Would you consider putting my name on it?’ And she did which is very gracious of her. It was just a mad dream come true. It made the sort of impact I hadn’t even thought could be possible. It was crazy.”

Posted by Matthew Meadow (via youredm)