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Drake Discovers What People Really Think of Him

Drake teams up with Jimmy Kimmel & goes up and down Hollywood Boulevard in disguise asking people what they thought of him…their responses are classic!

Posted by David Miller

Jay-Z’s Made In America Expands To L.A.


The Budweiser Made In America festival is expanding to Los Angeles – and staying in its birthplace of Philadelphia, with two simultaneous two-day festivals set to take place this Labor Day Weekend. Founding partner and curator Jay Z made the announcement from the steps of Los Angeles’ City Hall Wednesday (April 16) morning alongside the city’s mayor Eric Garcetti, Budweiser vice president Brian Perkins, Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson and President and CEO United Way of Greater Los Angeles Elise Buik.

Budweiser Made In America will be the first festival to operate simultaneously on both U.S. coasts. Official lineups for both festivals are expected in early May. Performances from both festivals will also be livestreamed by Budweiser.

In its second year, attendance to the 2013 Made In America doubled from 40,000 to 80,000, a sign that further expansion might be afoot. Budweiser, Jay Z’s Roc Nation and the City of Los Angeles spent the better part of the last month convincing the City Council to hold an event in L.A.’s Grand Park downtown before a final agreement was reached.

“I want to thank Budweiser for putting together a show that’s in the city, not some far-off place you can’t get to,” Jay Z said in his remarks at the press conference, before quickly adding, “No disrespect to any other festivals, no shots. Look how beautiful this park is, it’s accessible to everyone, it’s inclusion it’s not exclusion. We started two years ago in Philadelphia and had huge success, and I’m sure we’ll have even more success here in Los Angeles. We’re very proud to be here in America.”

As lineup details are finalized over the new couple weeks, Budweiser’s Perkins says that each festival will be distinct and unique to its respective city. Los Angeles, for example, is a city whose population is 40-45% Hispanic. “That’s not the case in Philadelphia,” he told Billboard. “You’re going to see that manifest itself in food options, certain artists, the way that we talk about the festival, the way that we advertise the festival. It has to be meaningful to the city otherwise we wouldn’t do it.

The last time Jay Z made an announcement regarding Made In America, he stuck around for one-on-one interviews on the steps of Philly’s iconic art museum where the festival ended up taking place. The rapper-mogul was not on hand for further comment Wednesday, however, to respond to reports that he would soon be hitting the road with wife Beyonce on a joint stadium tour.

The inaugural Made In America festival in 2012 was a notable success, grossing over $5 million in ticket sales and reporting over 40,000 attendees to Billboard BoxScore. Los Angeles’ capacity is anticipated for 50,000, while Philly will likely once again be designed to accommodate the 80,000 that attended last year’s festival.

Posted by Andrew Hampp


I caught the MTV movie awards this weekend and I saw a familiar face. Remember Tiffany Luce? The girl from one of the Club Killer commercial “Music Goes Where I Go”? No? Well here is a reminder:

Well, I just saw her on TV in what apparently is what people are buzzing about today. The Zack Efron best kiss award bit. She looks like she was enjoying herself. Check it out:

Lil Jon Feels ‘Great Validation’ Thanks To ‘Turn Down For What’ Success


Nearly eight years after last visiting the Top 10 of the Hot 100 chart as a lead act, Lil Jon returned last week with “Turn Down The What,” his manic dance banger with DJ Snake, which jumped 15-10 on the tally. The surprise crossover hit, which also reaches No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart last week, is Lil Jon’s first major hit as a lead artist since “Snap Yo Fingers” in 2006, and the producer tells Billboard that it “definitely feels good” to return to the Top 10 after years of experimenting with EDM music.

“Some people think I just disappeared off the face of the earth,” says the 42-year-old Lil Jon, “but other people in the EDM world know that I’ve constantly been on hit records over the last couple years. It’s great validation to the fact that I’m still around, I’m still doing my thing, and I’ve got a classic voice.”

Indeed, after becoming arguably the most recognizable face of the crunk rap movement in the mid-00′s thanks to smashes like “Get Low,” Usher’s “Yeah!” and “What U Gon’ Do,” Lil Jon began dabbling in dance music and scored three tracks on the Dance Club Songs chart from 2009-2012. He views his energetic 2007 collaboration with Pitbull, “The Anthem,” as a pivotal moment that “opened up a world that I didn’t really know about,” and that song was followed by dance cuts like Pitbull’s “Krazy,” his remix of David Guetta’s “Sexy Bitch” with Chuckie, LMFAO’s “Shots” and Paradiso Girls’ “Patron Tequila.”

Lil Jon, who began his first Las Vegas DJ residency in 2010 and has become a regular at Ultra Music Festival, says that fans shouldn’t have been surprised when his musical focus started shifting toward electronic music.

“I have always been a person who has not wanted to be put in a box, so I was the always the artist and the producer that did stuff that normal hip-hop artists don’t do,” he says. “I like to collaborate with all kinds of artists, so this is nothing new from what I’ve been doing my entire career… I make club music, whether it’s rap or dance. I make music for people to dance to and party to. It doesn’t matter the tempo, or who the artist is.”

Posted by Jason Lipshutz (Via Billboard)

City of Miami continues to push for Ultra Music Festival ban.


The brewing debate between the city of Miami and Ultra Music Festival continues to unfold as representatives of the festival have finally responded to demands from Mayor Regalado to kick the three-day dance music festival out of the city completely. As the city representatives continue to fire angry demands, the festival organizers have bowed out in silence, awaiting results from a “comprehensive review of all security procedures” that was announced through an official statement that was published on Wednesday.

Details regarding the Ultra’s 2014 security plans reveal that over 250 police officers were hired, of which 111 were stationed outside of the event. In the report, Miami business executive Rodney Barreto explained that 318 additional private guards provided security. However, the opposing side continues to stress the faults found in the seemingly comprehensive security plan: Firstly, in regards to the Erica Mack incident, the Miami police force warned festival organizers of the weak spot where Mack was later patrolling and subsequently trampled, and instructed the organizers to provide proper security reinforcement, which was never delivered. Secondly, in a review done of the plans Ultra had submitted to the city, the outline demonstrates plans for the area where the incident occurred to be supplied with “so-called G8 fencing — used to keep protesters out of G8 economic summits — a sturdier, taller fence that was used near the front of the venue,” which were instead replaced by regular double chain-link fences.

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff continues to push against Ultra’s anticipated 2015 return to the coveted downtown venue, despite acknowledging that a massive amount of tourism income would be lost if the event was evacuated from the area. “I’ve looked at YouTube and Twitter,” he explained. “The injuries that have been sustained, the stampede, no amount of money cures that.” Sarnoff then continued to stress, “Nothing is going to change until [Ultra organizers] acknowledge they need to find a new venue outside the urban core.”

Ultra organizers plan to remain silent as they await results of the review while the city moves ahead with plans to discuss the festival’s future at an April 10th commission meeting. However, Barreto supplied a quick retort that justifies Ultra’s continued hope for the festival’s already announced future: “Some people have seemed to rush to judgment. We should have all the facts before we want to throw Ultra out of town.”

Posted by Valerie Lee (Posted via Dancing Astronaut)

Elex on Club Killers Radio.

Episode 96 features DJ, producer, vocalist Elex from Orange County, CA! ELEX, (pronounced elects) blesses us with an edm infused top 40 mash up mix with some of the biggest club anthems of the moment. She’s been lighting up nightlife from Hollywood to Newport Beach, so make sure you keep up with her on her social networks @elexmusic for her upcoming event schedule.

Keep an ear out for this young lady, with a background in piano & guitar, expect great new original music coming from her soon. For full track list please click continue reading.  Continue reading