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Pioneer DJ teases “new performance horizons” for Rekordbox

Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software has previously been a tool for letting artists prepare for sets and organise their track libraries, but the company is promising “new performance horizons” for the software. The teaser video below throws up a few interesting details including what look like proper track decks and an effects rack, suggesting it might be about to go up against Traktor and Serato.

Pioneer is being typically tight-lipped on the matter, with no concrete details released as yet

Posted by David Miller (via FactMag)

Dan Bilzerian Is Spending Over $650,000 To Party With 200 Friends At Electric Zoo Over Labor Day Weekend


When you’re Instagram playboy Dan Bilzarian, you don’t just spend your Labor Day weekend roasting hot dogs at a casual cookout. You ball out. Hard.

Yesterday afternoon a tipster sent BroBible a few Snapchat screengrabs of a receipt of purchase by Dan Bilzerian for a VIP deck at Electric Zoo on Randall’s Island in New York City. The amount of money Bilzerian is spending to partying with 200 personal guests over Labor Day weekend is staggering — All together, he’s dropping over $650,000 for the package, according to our tipster.

Apparently the Instagram playboy is planning on partying his face off during the EDM festival, spending $350,000 on top shelf alcohol, including 60 magnums of Ace Of Spades champagne, 45 handles Patron Grand Platinum, and 55 handles of Ciroc. Apparently he receives a “VIP Deck” for his 200-person entourage, which I assume is right next to the stage.

The best part of the entire VIP package is easily the “personal firework & pyro controller” for $150,000, which I assume gives Dan control over the Electric Zoo’s fireworks display. It’s probably in his best interest to make sure his expensive pyrotechnics hobby is done in a controlled, legal way.

Here’s the itemized receipt that was sent to BroBible, along with proof of purchase, with blanked out identifying details. Note that those were blanked out before they were passed our way.



Posted by Brandon Wenerd (via BroBible)

Kranium ft Ty Dolla Sign – Nobody Has To Know (Major Lazer x KickRaux Remix)

Mad remix by Major Lazer and KickRaux. Now hittin Club Killers!

Posted by Dennis Blaze

Drake uses deadly sports reference for Meek Mill diss art

Dake dropped his Meek Mill diss track “Back to Back,” and he picked a very curious cover photo for the song. Yes, that’s Joe Carter from the 1993 World Series when the Blue Jays beat the Phillies on a walk-off home run to win — wait for it — back-to-back World Series.

Meek Mill is from Philadelphia. We all know Drake is from Toronto. So this sports reference was like peanut butter and jelly. Here’s the deal: It’s beyond easy to make fun of Drake for changing his sports allegiances like I change the water filter in my refrigerator, but credit where it’s due for not only using an apt sports reference, but having the gusto to use baseball in a diss track.

More importantly, it gives you a reason to rewatch Joe Carter’s home run, which is awesome for anyone who lives outside of Philly.

Here’s to you, Drizzy. Sure you couldn’t find a Toronto Raptors reference to use, but you gave us so much more.

Posted by James Dator (Via SBNation)

Exclusive: Coolor Caps & 12 Inch Skinz Discount

This week inside the Club Killers studio we took a closer look at two great products, Coolor Caps & 12inch Skinz. They both go together hand and hand in the DJ community.

We first got our finger tips armed with Coolor Caps. Coolor caps offer knob and fader replacement kits. These kits make it easy for djs to customize with colored knobs and faders. You can convert your mixer liking like we did. These faders have a great rubber outer layer that make it easy to grip. We also ordered the hard plastic version for the cross faders to give the DJ a better surface for scratching. As you can see we ordered the red faders and knobs that really stand out! Also, we used black, gray and white to give the mixers some contrast. Overall we are very happy with the quality of Coolor Caps. They have done a good job making quality knobs and faders from not flying off like the original ones you get from the manufactures. In addition, with the vibrant colors you get to choose from their online catalog, we fully indorse Coolor Caps and recommend to all djs.

Coolor Caps will be offering Club Killers members an exclusive 15% discount on all orders this month.

Tip: the “Kits” on the site are on sale right now, so take advantage of the additional 15% off. Make sure to add “clubkillers” in the discount code.

Let’s talk about custom! What better way can you make your DJ rig custom then adding your logo! 12inch Skinz came threw and set us up with 2 great skinz for our older Rane 57 and Pioneer 800 and brought them back to life! We were very impressed with the materials they use and the print detail of our logo looked top notch! The package came with instructions that made it a breeze to install.

For the Rane 57 we ordered the magnetic skin which is great because it gives you the ability to take off and on and the thickness of the skin feels nice a weighted without moving around as you are working. As for the pioneer 800 we went with the adhesive version. everything was cut super clean on both mixers, and it was a very easy process to apply. If your looking to brand your image, the possabilties are endless on creating a great look on your rig. Make sure you check out and get your set up started with thier easy to use templates online for controllers, turntables, cdjs and more!

Coolorcaps discount code: clubkillers (15% discount on all kits and product).
12inchskinz discount code: clubkillers12 (10% off ALL SKINZ ONLY)

Posted by JD Live

Free Download: Kanye West – Stronger (Club Killers Remix)

What up CK fam! As many of you know this has been in my personal crates for the last month & hopefully yours too, after so many request for it via twitter we decided we should post this one for everyone to enjoy on our Soundcloud page. Hope it works for you all! More exclusives coming daily! You know how we do it.

Free Download:

Posted by Alex Dreamz