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Club Killers Radio DJ Contest (July 1st to July 15th)


What’s up CK Family!!!! After all the messages, comments, tweets, we have finally put together a way to showcase some new DJ talent. Every week we get a countless amount of messages asking “How do I get featured on your podcast”??? Now we have your answer. We’re very happy to announce the Club Killers Radio DJ Contest.

This is how to get featured to our over 60,000 loyal Club Killers Radio listeners…


1. You must be an approved & active member of Club Killers community.

2. All mixes MUST be between 58min – 62mins long.

3. Mixes can be any and all genres, open format, dirty or clean,

4. Winning contestants cannot share or release the submitted mix until Club Killers podcast is released.

Winners will be decided based on:
Mixing Ability
Music Selection
Technical Skill & Style

* Judging will be decided by Club Killers officals DJ’s

Submit mix to please send a link from a file share provider or PRIVATE sound cloud link. Submissions start July 1st, last day to submit mix July 15th


• Your own 1 hour Club Killers Radio Episode
• (1) Custom Club Killers V-Moda Headphones
• Club Killers official snapback.
• Club Killers official logo t-shirt & tank top.
• Club Killers official slipmats.
• Club Killers Care Package (Stickers, USB, Notepads).

2nd & 3rd place winners share 1 Hour Podcast, 30mins each & CK Care Package which includes choice of CK logo Shirt or CK Tank Top, CK Snapback Hat, CK Sticker pack & USB’s.

Club Killers Radio Podcast followers:
31,590 on Soundcloud
38,322 on iTunes

Posted by JD Live

DJ Noodles on Club Killers Radio

Our latest episode of Club Killers Radio showcases one of the hardest working radio mixers in the U.S.A., DJ Noodles! He’s based out of Miami and has been working very hard in the studio recently dropping a new remix to “Fun” by Pitbull ft Chris Brown & of course his Flo-Rida “G.D.F.R.” remix being showcased in one of the biggest movies of the year, Fast & Furious 7. Listen to his mix & check out his full track list. Continue reading

Skrillex & Diplo Release Official Music Video To “Where Are U Now”, Deadmau5 Claims It’s “Shit”

Skrillex and Diplo’s collaboration with Justin Bieber has been making waves ever since the early part of 2015. Being one of the top tracks off their debut Jack Ü album, “Where Are Ü Now” has been one of the signature songs of the year so far.

While the music video to “Where Are Ü Now” has been done for a little while, the rights to post it on YouTube and other networks was withheld to provide Samsung exclusive streaming rights to the video. Now however, the official music video has hit the internet in full storm.

The video is actually very well done and features an artistic approach that gave the power back to fans. A few weeks ago we reported that Skrillex and Diplo invited fans to join them in creating the artwork that would be featured on the official music video and based on the final result below, it appears that fans delivered.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a big announcement unless Deadmau5 had something to say about it:


You can check out the music video below:

Posted by Nick Ward (via YourEDM)

Vice Opens Up About His Career And His Principles Of Success


Growing up in the Southern California I was very fortunate to be exposed to great radio mixes on my favorite station in the late 90′s, Power 106. For the last 10 years I’ve had a great run working at the competition, 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles (IheartMedia) where you can still find me on every Friday night 10 pm to 2 am, I’ve never forgotten about how amazing the DJs on Power 106 were back in the days, always remember listening to Richard “Humpty” Vission @ 5 pm & late nights Powertools, Big Boy in the evening, The Baka Boyz then Deez Krazy Kids (shout out Joey Boy), I was always stuck listening to the mixers, I remember in Jr. High often going into the boys locker room office to listen to DJ Enrie’s powerworkout mixes cause I wanted to hear what records to play, I was always stuck to the radio. No social media, no youtube, no google search, how else can a 13 year old hear new music DJs are playing right?

One of my favorite DJs working on Power back then was the one & only DJ Vice, he was the only radio DJ who inspired me to not become “too radio” & that helped me build my own path, that’s kind of how & why we started doing Club Killers. I wanted to be on flyers as Alex Dreamz from Club Killers, not Alex Dreamz from KIIS FM, not because I don’t love KIIS FM but because of the desire to do more than radio. I was recently forwarded this great interview by one of my close friends, such a great in depth interview from Laptop DJ Podcast, so informative, I had to share. Great advice & stories on knowing your brand, meeting DJ AM, DJ AM helping him break into Las Vegas & so much more. Highly recommend you listen to it below.

Check out Laptop DJ

Posted by Alex Dreamz

How Scott Storch Blew Through A $70 Million Fortune


Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler once admitted to an Australian news program that in his lifetime he wasted $6 million on cocaine. Tyler also explained that his cocaine habit cost him a marriage and severely damaged his relationship with his children. Tyler’s admission is stunning. I can’t imagine a world where $6 million of my money would be wasted in such a horrendously irresponsible way. And while Steven’s admission may have raised some eyebrows, it absolutely pales in comparison to the life story of hip hop producer Scott Storch.

Storch, who produced some of music’s biggest hits between 1999 and 2006, literally makes Steven Tyler look like a complete chump. During his career, he amassed an impressive $70 million fortune churning out hits for artists like Dr. Dre, Christina Aguilera and 50 Cent. Unfortunately, while he rose the ranks of the music world, Storch also amassed one hell of a cocaine and luxury spending habit. Storch would eventually blow through the entire $70 million fortune and declare bankruptcy. If that’s not shocking enough, incredibly he somehow wasted $30 million in less than six months. How in the world did this happen and what is Scott Storch up to now? Continue reading

Disney and deadmau5 have settled their legal disputes


The highly-publicized legal dispute between Disney and deadmau5 has finally been settled. The lawsuit first sprung up when Zimmerman filed papers to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board for the deadmau5 head design. Disney accused the iconic symbol to be “nearly” identical to Disney’s Mouse Ears.

“Disney and Deadmau5 have amicably resolved their dispute,” said an attorney for Zimmerman to the Hollywood Reporter.

The terms of the settlement are unclear, but may include a withdrawal of Disney’s opposition with some possible amended trademark registrations.

David Miller (via Dancing Astronaut)